Residents suffer second power outage in Co-Op City since Friday

As many as 10 buildings in the Bronx are in the dark once again Sunday morning.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news this morning. In the dark once again-- several buildings in Co-Op City impacted by yet another blackout, this one less than 24 hours after they got the power turned back on. Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco live there this morning with the latest. Diana.

DIANA ROCCO: Mike, good morning. This is beyond frustrating for residents here. They are now waking up to dark buildings and in the cold this morning after power went out sometime overnight. You can see we're standing in front of a cluster of dark buildings. There are nearly 200 apartments in each of these buildings, and they've been in the dark since at least 2 o'clock this morning.

Police have been going through the buildings doing wellness checks, this after an elderly woman died here on Friday during the outage due to a transformer fire. It was just after 2:00 AM this morning that residents started reporting their buildings were dark and power was out. Emergency services was able to remove at least one person with an oxygen tank from the building, and they also set up water stations outside these buildings.

It's not clear what the problem may be this morning. Co-Op City does have their own power supply, and there are nearly 200 apartments in each of these buildings, so they are working on this problem. This morning, there are at least 1,500 apartments that are affected by this and now in the dark.

MITCHELL ROSENBERG: I'm not blaming anybody, but I think that we should be back on the Con Edison grid like the rest of the city. We don't need to have our own independent, you know, energy source, because when it doesn't work, we're on our own. We cannot get help from Con Ed, and we're at a loss. So I think that's a problem.

DIANA ROCCO: And you can hear the frustration there. On Friday, a transformer fire knocked out power to this same cluster of buildings. 73-year-old Otto Longmore-- Ada Longmore, rather-- lived on the 19th floor of one of these buildings. Her body was found in a stairwell between the 18th and 19th floors. She had an oxygen tank, which was empty, and she had been climbing those stairs to get to her apartment since there was no power to the elevator in that building.

Co-Op says they are-- Co-Op City says they are now cooperating with authorities trying to get this problem fixed. We'll hear from local officials a little bit later this morning that say it's time for change here after problems have plagued Co-Op City for decades now, including crumbling infrastructure.