Local restaurant offers free pizza to health care workers

A local restaurant is offering health care workers a delicious deal in honor of National Nurses Week.

Video Transcript

VIRENDER SINGH MALHI: Everybody eats pizza. Who doesn't eat pizza? And Indian food and pizza both makes a unique concept.


VIRENDER SINGH MALHI: Everybody knows curry, so we was like, hey, we Indians, and we love food. Let's try with the pizza.




VIRENDER SINGH MALHI: We make fusion pizzas, which is Indian food put on a pizza. That's what we do. We have butter chicken pizza, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, and then we have a lot of vegetarian-vegan options as well. And most of our pizzas are, like, super loaded. Our concept is to hide the crust.

We have multiple sauces, which is like, we have butter sauce, we have curry source, we have a white sauce. We our special red sauce we make. The world we live in, we always on our phone, even myself. If four people can sit together and eat without using a phone, then we give you a free pizza.


We donate pizzas twice a month. We donate about 40 to 50 pizzas to homeless people. We set up tables and serve everybody a slice.

- Hey, thank you all very much.

VIRENDER SINGH MALHi: You've got to feed who need the most, right? Anybody can buy a piece-- well, there is some people who can't buy it, so--

We call it Curry Care. The more stores we open, and the more we can do.

I would say if even each restaurant started donating, like, once a month, nobody would be [INAUDIBLE] hungry in [INAUDIBLE]. The way we believe in, we have two stores, and we donate twice a month. Our goal is to have, like, 10 stores, and we could donate every day.