Restaurant inspections: Black Bear Diner, Eastridge Grocery, Lupitas Express, more

The Food Establishment Inspection Report is a weekly report that appears Sundays. Information is taken from reports provided by the Environmental Health Department, and individual reports can be viewed at its website, A numerical grading system is now being used, with a score of 100 points being equivalent to zero demerits.

  • 100 points – No major violation at the time of inspection

  • 85 points – Considered an average score

  • 70 points or below – Requires re-inspection within 24 hours

  • COS – Corrected on site during inspection

These points correspond to the following letter grades:

  • A – 90 to 100

  • B – 80 to 89

  • C – 70 to 79

  • F – 69 and below

The following establishments had a score of A/100 during a routine inspection:

Big Texan Starlight Ranch-Baby Bar, 1415 Sunrise Drive.

Big Texan Starlight Ranch-Bar, 1415 Sunrise Drive.

Windsor Elementary, 6700 Hyde Pkwy.

The following establishments had a score of A/100 during a follow-up inspection:

Bagel Place, 3301 Bell St.

Blue Sky, 4201 W. I-40.

Crumbl Cookies, 3562 S. Soncy Road.

Favs 2, 3333 S. Coulter St. #D.

Hibachi Steak and Raman, 7701 W. I-40.

IHOP, 2100 S. Western St.

Jimmys Egg, 3450 S. Soncy Road, Suite 400.

Kham Yum Yum, 4409 E. I-40.

Marble Slab Creamery, 201 Westgate W. Pkwy.

Ms Piggys Custom Bake Shoppe, 6030 S.W. 33rd Ave.

Pak A Sak #10, 4200 S. Soncy Road.

Petro Stopping Centers Convenience Store, 8500 E. I-40.

7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee, 2110 S. Western St.

Sleep Inn & Suites, 6915 W. I-40.

Taco Bell #035880, 2010 Ross Osage Drive.

Thai Thai Restaurant, 2515 S. Grand St.

Tooms Restaurant, 3416 N.E. 24th Ave.

These establishments received the following scores for being out of compliance as stated:

(A/98) AISD Bake Shop, 2701 Pine St. Wet cloths must be stored in sanitizer solution between uses; bulk foods without labels. COS.

(A/94) Algo Rico, 1110 E. Amarillo Blvd. Hot water heater must be serviced/evaluated; no sanitizer test strips (repeat violation). Correct by 11/30. Chest freezer needs to be cleaned; household cooler must be replaced with a commercial unit. Correct by 02/18/2024.

(A/94) Bivins Elementary, 1500 S. Fannin St. Heavily dented cans on shelves for use. COS. Temperature logs not being kept for cold or hot holding equipment; broken/missing floor tiles under three-compartment sink and in employee restroom (repeat violation); acoustic ceiling tiles in kitchen, restroom and above mop sink must be replaced with non-absorbent tile (repeat violation). Correct by 02/15/2024.

(B/87) Black Bear Diner, 7000 E. I-40. Several items in cooler with expired date marks; employees not washing hands before putting on gloves; scoops stored in containers pooling water. COS. Four hand sinks not maintaining proper water temperature (repeat violation). Correct by 12/18. Several visibly soiled cloths at cookline; need to clean inside microwave, container storing clean spoons and area storing skillets on cookline; light bulb out in vent hood; condenser line in walk-in cooler dripping frozen condensation onto trays stored below. Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/98) Bristol Park at Amarillo, 1610 Research St. A few cutting boards deeply scored; tape on side of juice dispenser must be removed; ice build-up in walk-in freezer; dust in venting system, vent hood and on fans in walk-in cooler. Correct by 02/20/2024.

(A/97) Cenikor Foundation, 1001 Wallace Blvd. Back door needs new weather stripping; mold on bottom of walk-in cooler; dust on ceiling of dish room; dried trash spills on floor of trash area. Correct by 02/20/2024.

(A/98) Charley’s Philly Steaks, 7701 W. I-40. Ice scoop stored with handle touching ice; dirt and dust build-up on fans in walk-in freezer. COS.

(A/96) China Max, 7701 W. I-40. Boxes on floor in freezer; rice scoop stored incorrectly; heavy buildup of dust/dirt on fan in walk-in cooler. COS. Multiple lights out in back near the office. Correct by 05/13/2024.

(A/99) Delvins Restaurant, 1300 N. Hughes St. Dust on ceilings and wall near air conditioning unit. Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/97) Dollar General #23629, 5150 E. Amarillo Blvd. Multiple dented cans on sale floor (repeat violation). Correct by 11/21.

(A/97) Dollar Tree #08524, 818 Martin Road. Reach-in freezer is broken and needs to be repaired. Correct by 12/04. Ceiling needs to be installed over sinks to be smooth, durable and easily cleanable (repeat violation). Correct by 2/15.

(A/90) Eastridge Grocery, 5200 E. Amarillo Blvd. Orange juice boxes in cooler out of date and have mold growth. COS. No hot water at any sink. Correct by 11/15. Hot water knob does not work at hand sink. Correct by 11/25. Evidence of mice under counter in back room; three-compartment sink leaking underneath. Correct by 02/13/2024. Acoustic ceiling tiles in bathroom and above mop sink must be replaced to be smooth, durable, non-absorbent and easily cleanable; peeling paint behind three-compartment sink and in kitchen area needs to be painted to be easily cleanable. Correct by 11/15/2024.

(A/95) El Charro Mexican Food, 4207 E. I-40. Chlorine sanitizer too strong; wet cloths must be stored in sanitizer solution between uses. COS. Employee food handler certificates must be available on site. Correct by 03/18/2024.

(A/97) Family Dollar Store #2387, 831 Martin Road. Water at employee restroom sink not reaching proper temperature. Correct by 11/27. Missing or broken ceiling tiles in back storage room. Correct by 02/13/24.

(A/95) Family Dollar Store #22344, 1781 S. Avondale St. Heavily dented canned goods on shelves; boxes of food on ground at end of aisles; heavy build-up of ice on frozen food items. COS.

(A/98) Fannin Middle School, 4627 S. Rusk St. Dust accumulating on ceiling vent above food prep table; chipped/peeling paint around mop sink walls where mops are dried (repeat violation). Correct by 02/13/2014.

(A/98) Girasol Café and Bakery, 3201 S. Coulter St. #C. Tuna and salmon thawing in reduced oxygen packaging; two scoops without handles stored in food buckets. COS.

(A/98) Glenwood Elementary, 2407 S. Houston St. Plastic cutting board heavily scored. COS.

(A/95) Golden Lotus, 2417 E. Amarillo Blvd. Fish thawing improperly in three-compartment sink. COS. Walk-in freezer leaking. Correct by 12/04. Wet cloths must be stored in sanitizer solution between uses; multiple containers in walk-in cooler with no lids or covers; heavy grease build-up on splash guard between fryer and grill. Correct by 02/15/2024.

(A/92) Grand Discount, 1619 N. Grand St. Pickles, requiring refrigeration after openings, stored at room temperature; expired can of biscuits for sale in cooler. COS. Table in wash room is worn down on the surface and no longer cleanable and must be replaced. Correct by 12/17. Build-up in ice machine (repeat violation). Correct by 02/15/2024.

(A/97) H & R Foods LP, 609 S. Grant St. No three-compartment sink at facility; no mop sink for dumping mop water. Correct by 01/30/2024. Multiple holes in facility need to be repaired. Correct by 11/20/2024.

(A/98) Houston Middle School, 815 S. Independence St. Condensate dripping onto top of boxes of food in walk-in freezer; pipes above mop sink have exposed fiberglass insulation (repeat violation). Correct by 02/18/2024.

(A/97) JNB Quicki Shop 2, 4809 River Road. All employee items must be stored in a designated area; wood underneath AC units and multiple other places must be sealed to be non-absorbent; hole in ceiling near AC unit must be repaired; piece of wall coming off near soda machine; multiple chips in tile floor; sign needed at hand sink stating for hand washing only. Correct by 11/15/2024.

(A/92) La Bella Pizza, 2200 S.E. 34th Ave., Unit 100. Dented cans on storage rack; rodent bait on ground outside back exit door. COS. Most recent grease trap invoice must be available on site to view; food handler certificates must be on site for each food employee. Correct by 11/27. Enclosed room has unfinished walls, ceiling and exposed insulation (repeat violation). Correct by 02/15/2024.

(A/98) Lawndale Elementary, 2215 S. Bivins St. Freezer door not sealing. Correct by 01/15/2024.

(B/87) Lupitas Express, 2403 Hardin Drive. Beans cooked previous day in walk-in cooler at improper temperature; bin of produce stored on top of raw chicken and below raw pork. COS. Disconnected pipe below mop sink needs repairing; a Certified Food Manager must be on site at all times of operation and a CFM certificate must be posted (repeat violation); clean wares stored on rusted racks; toilet beginning to clog and needs servicing. Correct by 11/27. Foods in cooler without lids; rusted ceiling vent needs to be sealed; vent above food prep area accumulating dust/debris; grease accumulating on vent hood filters. Correct by 02/13/2024.

(A/99) McDonalds, 400 E. Amarillo Blvd. Dust or old food debris on fan next to grill, underneath ice cream machine and side of Icee machines (repeat violation). Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/99) Mini Food Mart, 2813 E. Amarillo Blvd. Mold growth on racks in egg cooler. Correct by 02/15/2024.

(A/91) Mr. Clamaron, 1104 E. Amarillo Blvd. Multiple items without date marks. COS. No sanitizer test strips; rag and bucket stored in hand sink. Correct by 11/30. Multiple food items without lids or covers; multiple scoops with handles in products; dishes stacked wet; men’s bathroom door is not self closing due to broken/removed spring. Correct by 02/18/2024.

(A/98) Opportunity School Central, 1100 S. Harrison St. Three-compartment sink is not installed in building. Correct by 05/15/24.

(A/98) Pak A Sak #7, 3400 S. Western St. Hole in wall above three-compartment sink must be repaired; sign needed in restrooms instructing employees to wash hands before returning to work; sign needed at hand sink stating for hand washing only. Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/96) Papa Johns Store #1556, 1005 S. Georgia St. Door to restroom propped open. COS. Sanitizer dispenser not working properly. Correct by 12/14. Dust and food debris accumulating on racks in walkin cooler; dust on fan guards of walk-in cooler. Correct by 05/14/2024.

(A/93) Pancho Villa, 4601 River Road. Lettuce, tomato and cheese at improper temperatures; sponges used throughout establishment. COS. Ice build-up inside reach-in freezer and popsicle freezer (repeat violation); old food debris build-up in microwave and reach-in coolers. Correct by 04/15/2024.

(A/95) Ranch House, 7117 River Road. Ice scoop stored in hand sink. COS. Ice bucket stored on floor (repeat violation); dirt or paint chips under three-compartment sink (repeat violation); exposed wood shelving in beer cooler and next to three-compartment sink needs to be sealed to be non-absorbent. Correct by 11/15/2024.

(A/99) Red Robin, 8720 W. I-40. Build-up of debris on soda nozzle at bar (repeat violation). Correct by 05/13/2024.

(A/99) Southlawn Elementary, 4719 Bowie St. Air gap under fruit and vegetable washing sink needs extended to prevent backflow into prep and hand washing sinks; sneeze guard on serving line needs to be lowered; open ceiling with vent in dry storage room needs to be repaired or covered (repeat violation). Correct by 01/15/2024.

(A/92) Stars Drive In, 2216 S.E. 27th Ave. Chemical spray bottle stored adjacent and above prepped onion rings; items in coolers without date marks. COS. Most recent grease trap manifest/liquid waste transport ticket must be available on site to view (repeat violation). Correct by 11/27. Ceiling vents beginning to rust; broken/chipped tiles near grill need to be smooth, durable and easily cleanable (repeat violation); damaged wall in women’s restroom needs to be repaired (repeat violation). Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/95) Taco Bell #032696, 300 E. Amarillo Blvd. Mold on dispensing spout of Icee machine. COS. Fryer being used as a catch all; dust on back of equipment, employee fan and walk-in cooler fans; grime on floor near drain at drive thru and on door handles of hot holding equipment (repeat violation). Correct by 05/16/2024.

(A/92) Taqueria Rivera, 2602 S.E. 3rd Ave. Container of cheese, requiring refrigeration after opening, sitting at room temperature; multiple food items uncovered (repeat violation); pan heavily warped and no longer easily cleanable. COS. Multiple food items without date markings; reach-in cooler leaking; invoice for last time grease trap was pumped must be provided. Correct by 11/30. Torn gasket on reachin cooler; multiple scoops without handles or with handles touching food product; household fryer must be replaced with a commercial unit. Correct by 02/18/2024.

(A/97) Thai House Restaurant, 5601 E. Amarillo Blvd. Mice droppings throughout establishment (repeat violation); can of lemongrass stored on pipe under shelf by grill (repeat violation); heavy build-up on window unit by grill (repeat violation); heavy dust build-up on rack by grill over make table and vent in prep room by reach-in cooler (repeat violation). Correct by 02/11/2024.

(A/97) Toot ‘n Totum Distribution Center, 201 S. Grant St. No hot water in facility; severe leak under three compartment sink. Correct by 11/27.

(A/98) Toot ‘n Totum #3, 5409 E. Amarillo Blvd. Mold growth on racks in coolers (repeat violation); hole in wall by three-compartment sink must be repaired. Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/97) Toot ‘n Totum #26, 2222 S. Polk St. No paper towels in restroom. COS. Ice cream freezer dirty with dust/dirt debris and spilled ice cream. Correct by 05/17/2024.

(A/99) Toot ‘n Totum #43, 3522 River Road. Grease trap under three-compartment sink replaced a couple of months ago may need to be relocated to outside and needs to be brought to current standards. Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/95) Tortilleria Lupita-Mobile, 4013 S.E. 10th Ave. Certified Food Manager must be on site at all times mobile is operating and CFM certificate must be posted (repeat violation). Correct by 12/01. Holes in back of mobile must be sealed (repeat violation); light bulb shield cracked (repeat violation); waste water and fresh water must be labeled on outside of mobile (repeat violation). Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/96) Ussery Roan Texas State Veterans Home, 1020 Tascosa Road. Mold and hard water stains inside ice/water dispenser; build-up inside juice dispensing spout. COS. Utensils in buckets with old food debris at the bottom; dust build-up on fans of walk-in cooler and freezer. Correct by 02/20/2024.

(A/94) V&N Produce, 1809 N.E. 3rd Ave. No three-compartment sink at facility. Correct by 12/01. No hand sink in warehouse. Correct by 12/17. Mop sink or a curbed mop area is needed to dump mop water. Correct by 01/17/2024. Mice droppings throughout two rooms; ceiling tiles in bathroom are acoustic tiles and some broken must be replaced to be non-absorbent. Correct by 02/15/2024.

(A/97) Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital, 7200 S.W. 9th Ave. Duct tape wrapped around insulation on piping in walk-in cooler; vent hoods very dusty; caulking between hand sink (between dish area and cooking areas) and the wall is coming off and must be removed and replaced (repeat violation). Correct by 02/20/2024.

(A/91) Waffle House #1354, 2804 S.W. 45th Ave. Debris accumulating on soda machine diffusers. COS. Door sweep needed on back door; condensate dripping onto top of boxes of food in freezer; knives stored on magnet with food and grease build-up; soda machine diffusers need to be cleaned frequently to prevent build-up accumulation; dust on fan guards of reach-in cooler holding food; dust on walls and ceiling near vents; grease build-up and food debris in area under and around grill; hole in wall next to ice machine for outside spigot must be repaired. Correct by 02/14/2024.

(A/98) Wendys #5393, 7236 S.W. 34th Ave. Scoop with handle stored incorrectly. COS. Score card, Certified Food Manager certificate and establishment permit must be posted. Correct by 02/14/2024.

This article originally appeared on Amarillo Globe-News: Amarillo Food Establishment Inspection Report for Nov. 26, 2023