Restaurant inspections: Subway and one other in the red this week

Aug. 31—GREEN

La Petite Day Care, 5701 Redlands NW (Aug. 21)

Smith's, 8040 Academy NE (Aug. 23)

KFC, 7010 Central SE (Aug. 22)

Comida Buena, 2200 Sunport SE (Aug. 25)

Shark Reef Café, 2601 Central NW (Aug. 24)

Legacy Church Café, 7201 Central NW (Aug. 22)

Range Café, 320 Central SE (Aug. 22)

Herman Sanchez Child Development Center, 1830 William SE (Aug. 22)

Calvary Chapel East, 12820 Indian School NE (Aug. 24)

Grace Church United, 6901 San Antonio NE (Aug. 24)

Roma Bakery and Deli, 501 Roma NW (Aug. 25)

Kikka at Whole Foods Market, 2103 Carlisle NE (Aug. 24)

Tia Juanita's Pronto, 2200 Sunport SE (Aug. 25)

Panda Express, 2200 Sunport SE (Aug. 25)

La Trattoria, 2200 Sunport SE (Aug. 25)

Mountain Mahogany Community School, 5014 4th Street NW (Aug. 21)

Walmart Market, 11001 Menaul NE (Aug. 23)

Gilbert L. Sena Charter High School, 69 Hotel Circle NE (Aug. 24)

Technology Leadership High School, 10500 Research SE (Aug. 24)

Garcia's Enterprises Commissary, 1766 Central SW (Aug. 23)

O and A Mini Mart, 504 Juan Tabo SE (Aug. 25)

Subway, 11111 Menaul NE (Aug. 23)

Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites, 222 Central SE (Aug. 21)

Neo Szechuan, 7200 Montgomery NE (Aug. 25)

Pizza Hut, 2916 San Mateo NE (Aug. 24)

Urban Wellness, 6220 San Mateo NE (Aug. 24)

Reefer Madness, 7710 Menaul NE (Aug. 21)

Alta Vida, 3100 San Mateo NE (Aug. 24)

The Mouse Hole, 300 Broadway NE (Aug. 24)

Sawmill Cannabis Co., 5921 Lomas NE (Aug. 24)

ACE Leadership School, 1240 Bellamah NW (Aug. 22)

Ultra Health Menaul, 7401 Menaul NE (Aug. 21)

Café Chica, 2500 Central SW (Aug. 24)

Jimbanhi Café, 5701 Gibson SE (Aug. 24)

Applebee's, 2000 Yale SE (Aug. 24)

Taqueria Y Birrieria La Pasadita, 7850 Zuni SE (Aug. 21)


Subway, 1100 Central SE (Aug. 25)

Result: Immediate closure

Observed multiple food items inside cold holding make table and inside walk in refrigerator above 41 degrees. Observed used wiping cloth stored on slice machine. Observed employee drinks stored next to food items inside reach in refrigerator. Observed floor drain cover missing at mop sink. Observed debris build up underneath kitchen equipment on main line.

Valenciano, 2300 Central SE (Aug. 23)

Result: Not in compliance

Observed raw eggs stored above produce items inside reach in refrigerator. Observed sanitizer buckets stored inside kitchen and cashier area reading at zero parts per million. Facility did have chlorine and quat sanitizer available but unaware of how to mix and test.

Observed person in charge was not able to answer inspector's inquiries. Also observed several priority and priority foundation violations. Observed person in charge is not ANSI certified and failed to demonstrate basic food safety knowledge by receiving multiple priority and priority foundation violations that resulted in a downgrade of facility. The facility is downgraded to unsatisfactory due to priority, priority foundation and core violations.

Observed multiple potentially hazardous foods in walk in refrigerator such as shredded lettuce, cooked chicken, pico de gallo, chile rellenos, salsas with no date marking.

Observed concrete mix quikrete stored next to bread crumbs in dry storage shelving area next to back door exit.

Observed raw fish and raw meat thawing at room temperature inside kitchen on top of shelving and prep table. Observed used wiping cloths stored on cutting board and prep table. Observed improper employee drink stored on prep table and inside reach in refrigerators.

Observed large leak underneath three compartment sink. Observed restroom trash can uncovered and missing lid. Observed handwashing sinks not properly stocked or conveniently located. Observed no paper towels available at hand washing sink inside kitchen. Observed green cleanser bucket stored inside handwashing sink inside kitchen.

These are summaries of Albuquerque Environmental Health restaurant inspections.

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