Restaurant Week 2021 begins as Westmont

Westmont restaurants look to provide indoor dining, takeout and delivery through Restaurant Week 2021.

Video Transcript

- Reservations now open for Chicago Restaurant Week. It's a little bit later this year, running March 19 through Sunday, April 4. For the first time, you can dine in, get delivery or order takeout with the specials. You can make reservations or view menus at We'll make that link for you available at .

And as restaurants try and survive this year of losses, even more than a year now, they're trying to give diners a reason to come back. The 5th Annual Restaurant Week in Westmont begins today. Westmont is located in western suburban DuPage, west suburban DuPage County between Hinsdale and Downers Grove. A lot of ethnic restaurants are in that town.

Jay Rushford is from the Westmont Restaurant Committee and is joining us this morning, and Jay, what an exciting time. Restaurants, we can finally dine in now, and I know DuPage County has a little bit of a different rule than Cook County, but we can come in. You can welcome people in, just perfect time for it.

JAY RUSHFORD: There is no question, and this is just one of the most exciting times of the year for me. It's basically 11 days of awesome specials. I get to brag about our awesome dining scene. You're right. There's a lot of cultures, a lot of ethnicities here. We have Mexican food, Thai food, you've got Greek food, and so, so much more. All these things are available during this week at different tiers. $10, $20, $30, and $40 options. You really don't want to miss it out. We're ready to welcome you back to restaurants.

- Quickly, I do want to talk about, though, because we did have a lot of losses across, really, the state, and Westmont in particular lost some restaurants due to the pandemic.

JAY RUSHFORD: As with anybody, this has been a tricky year for Westmont restaurants. I always have the luxury of being able to brag about our dining scene, and to be honest with you, this year, more than any other year, when you look at the ingenuity of what they have done and how they've adjusted to keep people safe, keep people happy, and to really deliver the dining experience-- some cases literally deliver the dining experience. I'm so proud of what Westmont has done with their dining scene.

- All right, let's start bragging, Jay. Let's start with a spot called Walsh's Bar and Grill. Tell us about it.

JAY RUSHFORD: Sounds good. I can't think of a better place to welcome you to Westmont. This is a place for good beer, good sports. You can do a little video gaming, but you don't want to leave there without getting one of their pocket sandwiches. They're known for them. They've got a lot of flavors that you and I might recognize. They've got Philly cheesesteak. They've got Reubens. They got a turkey club.

That one there is the chicken and veggie. It's my absolute favorite, and the best part is it's nestled around a warm tortilla shell. It's like a blanket that brings all the flavors together. This week only, you're going to get it for $10, and they pair it with one of their homemade soups, or my favorite, the white chicken chili. They only do it in winter. It's going to go away at the end of March, so don't delay. Go to Walsh's now.

- All right, let's talk about the next two, and I hope I'm saying this right, Jay. Ruta Café, and then we've got ItaliAmo, so both of them sound really, really good.

JAY RUSHFORD: You're right with that. Ruta Café is, you can't talk about the diversity of Westmont without bringing up this place, because it's fine Lithuanian dining. That there is the combo plate. You get a smoked sausage on a bed of cabbage.

You're going to get a cepelinai, which this thing is magical. It's got meat on the inside, sour cream, bacon on the top. This is comfort food done European style. When you're in Ruta Café, you're going to feel like you're invited into their home. It's that way. That was a deli counter that they showed there. You can get homemade desserts and candies that they do. I like to get the farmer's cheese donut. It's just, it's mm. I'm thinking about it now.

- Let's talk about an old school Italian before we go, ItaliAmo.

JAY RUSHFORD: You can't talk about old school Italian without them. These-- this family has been born and raised in Sicily. Now they're in Westmont doing authentic Italian. When I mean authentic, what they're doing is pastas. All their sauces made from scratch. That's the [INAUDIBLE].

It's got a Bolognese sauce that's mixed with rice. You break it open. It is so, so good. That's my favorite dish that they do right there. It is the seafood linguine. There's shrimp, clams, mussels all in that dish. They pair with bread that they make fresh there. Get the fried dough. It's all included in their package. The special thing about ItaliAmo you need to know, you can call ahead and you tell them your order, and then you can pick this up through a drive through.

- All right, Jay.

JAY RUSHFORD: This is not drive through food.

- Jay, I got to interrupt you there, because we're running out of time. We really hope you have a tremendous response. We have posted much more information, folks, at