Restaurant on wheels helps feed thousands of homeless people during the pandemic

Michael Airhart's restaurant on wheels Taste for the Homeless has helped thousands of homeless people in the South Side of Chicago get a variety of meals, ranging from hot dogs to steaks.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL AIRHART: I am addicted to feeding people, taking care of people. It is an addiction that you don't want to let go.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: On 14th and Canal in the city of Chicago, you'll find Taste for the Homeless Cafe, a restaurant on wheels.

MICHAEL AIRHART: The cafe is an outdoor restaurant, which is 100% free, with all of the different kinds of food that you would like to eat if you had the money.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: From hot dogs to steak, Michael Airhart whips up a variety of meals to feed the homeless seven days a week, hitting 20 different locations on the South Side.

And all the food and equipment donated by community members and organizations.

MICHAEL AIRHART: We start at 5:00 AM in the morning. We're getting the food prepped up, getting everything packed up fresh.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Airhart is no stranger to helping feed those in need, and in fact he's been doing so for about 20 years. He says it all started at a young age.

MICHAEL AIRHART: I grew up in the projects. We were poor and we didn't have much to eat. It was always in my heart to give, and it stayed with me to this day.

NEBRASKA FRANKLIN: He doesn't just cook, he chefs. He makes meals for the homeless where, in places like this place where they're staying at, where they're allowed to stay at, they can't possibly imagine to have a meal like that.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Airhart says his Taste for the Homeless cafe has fed thousands throughout the pandemic, and he believes acts of kindness like this can lead to major change.

MICHAEL AIRHART: If we can come together, we all can help the world. We can help the world.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: On the South Side, Yukare Nakayama, ABC7 Eyewitness News.