New Restrictions Considered After Coronavirus Surge In CT

RJ Scofield
·1 min read

Here are the news stories trending across Connecticut this afternoon:

Lamont Considers More Coronavirus Restrictions

Gov. Ned Lamont and other nearby governors are considering more coronavirus restrictions as hospitalizations rise. Here is what is being considered.>>>Read More.

CT Coronavirus: Home And Family Gatherings Are The New Focus

When asked if he would consider rolling back regulations even further and closing indoor dining, Lamont said "Nothing is off the table.">>>Read More.

Lamont Requests National Guard Extension

Gov. Ned Lamont is asking President Donald Trump to extend the use of the National Guard to help with the pandemic.>>>Read More.

Storm Knocks Down Town’s Christmas Tree

Heavy wind and rain pummeled the state, knocking down the Christmas tree on the Green.>>>Read More.

Big E Offering Unprecedented 'Lifetime Golden Ticket'

The Big E is offering a lifetime ticket ... but it won't be cheap to buy.>>>Read More.

This article originally appeared on the Across Connecticut Patch