Results In For Clarkstown School District Vote

Lanning Taliaferro

CLARKSTOWN, NY — Residents in the Clarkstown school district voted to approve the $212.8 million 2020-21 school budget and a plan to create a capital reserve fund, and returned two incumbents to the Board of Education.

There were three candidates running for two seats on the Board of Education: School trustees serve three year terms and are unpaid.

  • Phillip DeGaetano: 4,882
  • Zizette Deutsch: 6,365
  • David Gosman: 5,671

The Board of Education proposed a $4.1 million decrease over current spending. That kept the tax levy increase to 1.4 percent.

Budget proposed for 2020-21: $212,814,204

  • Yes - 7,337
  • No - 2,942

Second proposition: Establish a capital reserve fund of up to $10 million

  • Yes - 7,583
  • No - 2,623

The results as declared are subject to the final canvassing of write-in votes.

The Clarkstown Central School District's Annual Meeting Budget Vote and Election is hereby recessed at 5:10 on June 17, 2020. A recording of the canvassing process and a transcript of all official declarations made during the budget vote and election will be made available to the public.

It is anticipated that Clarkstown School District's Board of Education will reconvene Thursday to accept the results of the budget vote and election, subject to the write-in results.

This article originally appeared on the New City Patch