Resurfacing of 19th Avenue and Lakeland Drive in Willmar being postponed due to costs

Shelby Lindrud, West Central Tribune, Willmar, Minn.
·2 min read

Mar. 22—WILLMAR — The overlay project planned for Lakeland Drive and 19th Avenue Southeast in Willmar is being delayed due to funding constraints and planning delays.

Willmar Public Works Director Sean Christensen updated the Willmar City Council Public Works and Public Safety Committee at its Thursday meeting.

"We are frankly out of money," Christensen said.

There was also a delay on getting the plans completed for the project, as staff were busy working on the other street improvement projects on the list.

"We didn't get as far on Lakeland as we hoped," Christensen said.

The project was to put on new layer of bituminous on 19th Avenue Southeast, starting at the intersection on First Street and heading east, continuing along Lakeland Drive to the Willmar Avenue/Kandiyohi County Road 23 intersection.

The project was also to include Americans with Disabilities Act improvements. The city's ADA plan shows the need for curb, sidewalk and traffic signal upgrades in those areas.

The construction zone for 19th Avenue/Lakeland Drive was the longest of the planned project, at just under 1.5 miles with an original estimate of $975,000.

The three other street projects to be completed in 2021 are moving forward. The reconstruction projects of Second Street Southeast from Becker Avenue to Olena Avenue, and Eagle Ridge Drive East from 37th Avenue to Eighth Street are currently out to bid. Christensen expects to have those bids for the next committee meeting in April.

The plans for the continued overlay of 1st Street South, from 19th Avenue to Willmar Avenue, will be heading to the state for approval shortly. The city will be receiving state aid for the project.

Christensen said he usually likes to plan for more projects each year then he can probably afford. That way if a pot of money suddenly appears, he will be able to take advantage of it with a shovel-ready project.

"The last thing I want to do is under design and under plan," Christensen said.