A retail analyst browsing a Home Depot store said a manager 'accosted' him to ask if he'd like to work there, a report says

Home Depot hiring
Retailers are scrambling to hire workers ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • A retail analyst told the NYT he was "accosted" by a Home Depot manager while browsing the store's jobs board.

  • Scott Mushkin told the newspaper that "basically every job in that store" was open.

  • Retailers are scrambling to hire workers ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.

An analyst who was browsing a Home Depot store said he was "accosted" by a store manager and asked to apply for a job, The New York Times reported.

Scott Mushkin, of R5 Capital, told the newspaper: "I was looking at a sign listing open positions at the store when I was basically accosted by a manager asking if I was interested in applying."

Mushkin was struck by the manager's desperation and expressed surprise at the number of open positions, The Times reported. "Basically every job in that store is open," he said. "So who is doing those jobs now? Who is picking up the slack?"

US retailers are scrambling to fill jobs in the run-up to the busy holiday shopping season. However, they're grappling with a severe labor shortage in which workers put off by low pay, long hours, and rude customers are ditching their jobs to pursue other careers. Because of this, some retailers are starting to offer more competitive wages, sign-on bonuses, and perks such as free college tuition.

Despite this, some retailers will be heading into the holidays with a smaller-than-usual workforce, which could end up hurting existing workers most, Mushkin said.

"The biggest risk to retailers and distributors is that they are working their current workforce too much," he told The Times. "Overtime can only go so far. The workforce is tired out."

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