Retired English teacher receives letter from Trump, corrects mistakes and sends it back to White House

Maya Oppenheim
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    I taught English language arts for 32 years. During all that time, the rule required capitalization of the "P" in President when referring to the President of the United states--even if his name did not follow the title.
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    When I was a reporter the AP Style Book (the writer's bible) said that whenever referring to the POTUS, the word "President" was always to be capitalized. BTW, "Congress" as well.
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    Speaks volumes about her.
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    "Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way . . ."
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    Does anyone actually believe that Donald Trump wrote a letter to a teacher in Atlanta? As for the low level staff person or intern who actually wrote the letter, they need to be moved to a lateral position, perhaps watering the plants or signing autographed pictures of the Donald.
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    Colo Colo
    Is this news?
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    Define irony: A reporter writes an article about improper grammar of the president and misspells capitalization in the article.
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    This included 11 examples of incorrect capitalisation of words such as “president” and “state”.

    you misspelled 'capitalisation', (Capitalization)
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    Thank you to the veterans past and present and your families on this Memorial Day weekend.
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    My third grade teacher Ms Jones is responsible for my outstanding handwriting which was a complete mess till she spent after school for a whole term helping me. 45 years later, all I can think of is how she changed my life and self worth.