Retired Warminster Township Police Officer Back In Court Tuesday

Joe Holden reports.

Video Transcript

- A retired Warminster Township police officer accused of sexually abusing at least four teenagers is back in court. Today, he faced a bail decision. Joe Holden has the details.

JOE HOLDEN: Well, the question now is will former Warminster Township Police Officer James Carey be able to post the $250,000 straight cash bail. The judge, this afternoon, saying the original bond was "woefully inadequate." James Carey was first in the courtroom almost two weeks ago, charged with more than 120 counts of child sex abuse. In a grand jury presentment, it is alleged four victims came forward and testified Carey used his position as a Warminster Township police officer to get close to them and engage in years-long instances of sex abuse.

The crimes, as they are alleged, date back more than 20 years. Carey since retired from the Warminster force but has held positions, prosecutors say, allow him to work very closely with children. Detectives say he was a substitute bus driver for Dennis Township schools in Cape May County as recently as the fall. Bucks County prosecutors argued before a judge this afternoon Carey should be locked up pending trial and that he should have to surrender his retired police badge and credentials. Prosecutors also claim there could be more victims.

JENNIFER SCHORN: Over the course of a decade of manipulating circumstances and opportunities to ingratiate himself into children's homes and groom, not only the children but the families, so that he could victimize, sexually victimize, these victims. And what we now know he did following our sexual abuse allegations causes us great concern.

JOE HOLDEN: The former cop's attorneys argued prosecutors were only upset because Carey got out on bail so fast two weeks ago. That's when Magistrate Maggie Snow set bond at 10% of $100,000. Carey's lawyers say he is not a flight risk and has been cooperative. Today, though, the judge sided with prosecutors, saying that original bond set by the magistrate was "woefully inadequate." At the Bucks County Courthouse, Joe Holden, CBS3 Eyewitness News.