Retiring Combs Magnet principal honored for 43 years of service

Hundreds of students, staff, and parents lined the halls grounds and halls of A.B. Combs Magnet Elementary in Raleigh for the big celebration.

Video Transcript

- When you've been in public education for 43 years, a standing ovation just doesn't do for this two time Wake County principal of the year, so instead, a clap out.

MURIEL SUMMERS: Every single child has amazing gifts waiting to be discovered.

- For retiring Ab Combs Magnet Elementary principal Muriel Summers who joined the Raleigh school in 1998.

MURIEL SUMMERS: If I did anything right as this school principal, it was to asembele the most talented, creative, loving, compassionate people you would find anywhere in this world who were smarter than me. And because of you, this school was a school that is.

- Through the halls of this school leaders have been made.

AVERY DUNCAN: There are tens of thousands of people around the globe that you have impacted who want to honor you.

- Under Mrs. Summers direction, Combs became the first leadership elementary in the nation modeled after Franklin Coveys Seven Habits Program.

RISHA GOSWAMI: Because of you, your vision, your dedication, your service, lives have been forever changed.

- Principal Summers even co-wrote a book The Leader In Me as her school models have been adopted by more than 5,000 schools in 50 countries around the world.

MURIEL SUMMERS: Thank you for helping me make this school the school that it is. Thank you all so very much.

- And for her role in that a proclamation.

- Principal Muriel Summers Day.

- With principal Summers, Combs won dozens of national awards, including the Lighthouse Recognition Award from Franklin Covey, and now a lighthouse sculpture dedicated to her for lighting the way for so many.

MURIEL SUMMERS: So, I'm not going to say goodbye. I'm going to say, see you later, great gaiters.

- And so many are thankful for the work you have done principal Summers, well done. That's a wrap of Eyewitness News at 4 today. I'll be back here at 5:30. Let's go to Stephen Teisha with a look at what's happening now at 5.