Return Of The Cold

It's back and ready to make you sneeze. #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens

Video Transcript

- Pandemic hygiene habits like wearing face masks, social distancing and constant sanitizing was not only helping keep us safe from COVID-19 but experts say it played a part in decreasing cases of the common cold. Now that we're experiencing more crowds and are less consistently wearing masks, the common cold is back.

- (SINGING) Whoa. Starting last year in the spring, I caught my girlfriend cheating. She left me to start a fling with that guy, COVID-19. Now she's got that new vaccine and she's back out on the scene with no mask to stand between, maybe we can reconvene. I'll make her sneeze, just like how her and I used to be, I'll make her wheeze, getting back together, her and me. She'll be fatigued, we will stay in bed all day and night. I'm her disease, call in sick and watch the "Price is Right." Return of the cold. I've returned. Return of the cold. I'm her germ. Return of the cold, get her back, got to get her in the sack. Let's blow.


- It's A Late Show with Stephen Colbert.