Return of cold weather continues to affect flights across the U.S.

ST. LOUIS – The return of bitter temperatures throughout the country on Friday caused some delays and cancellations for those flying.

As temperatures drop to the teens again, those traveling through St. Louis Lambert International Airport are encouraged to check flights for any delays.

“I couldn’t confirm the flight online (because it was a small airline)… so I just got here and I didn’t know that the flight was even 45 minutes delayed until they weren’t boarding on time,” traveler Donna Cannon said.

The East Coast is seeing the most impact as LaGuardia, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia have all had over 35% of their flights delayed.

“I just use mobile applications to make sure I’m updated,” traveler Jamal Burhan said. “I also use text messaging services so I may get some notifications.”
It is recommended for air travelers to check the status of flights consistently with the airline’s website or app.

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