Return of Indoor Dining Draws Crowds to Pleasanton Restaurants

Alameda County eased restrictions and, on Friday night, diners got to eat inside restaurants in Pleasanton for the first time in months. Katie Nielsen reports. (3-12-21)

Video Transcript

- In just a few days, the entire Bay Area will be in the red tier. Contra Costa and Sonoma Counties can ease restrictions on Sunday. And on Monday, all schools in Sonoma County will be eligible to reopen for all grades. Alameda County eased their restrictions today. And tonight, people got to eat dinner inside a restaurant in Pleasanton for the first time in months. KPIX 5's Katie Nielsen is in the downtown area where it's expected to be a very busy weekend in P Town. Katie.

KATIE NIELSEN: Yeah, Ken, it is. People we've talked with tonight said this has been a long time coming. And it's not just the restaurants that are seeing a boost now that Alameda County has moved to a less restrictive tier. Restaurants have been planning for this for months, the first weekend they can finally reopen their dining room to guests.

LISA BELCHER: It's so nice to see everybody out enjoying the indoor dining.

KATIE NIELSEN: Even Town Center Books on Main Street is seeing an increase in business.

- As soon as we got red and the restaurants could reopen, bump, right up.

KATIE NIELSEN: The shop owner, Judy Wheeler, says more people are coming in to browse in the store as they're waiting for tables at nearby restaurants, which sometimes can be a long wait since indoor seating is limited to 25% capacity in the red tier.

SAMEER SAIYA: It looks so weird to see people inside restaurants now after getting so used to seeing everyone outdoors.

KATIE NIELSEN: Sameer and his parents said they were excited about coming downtown to eat dinner tonight but had to have a conversation as a family about whether to eat inside or out.

CHETAN SAIYA: I was comfortable. And we actually went to the [? diner. ?]

SAMEER SAIYA: I'm still more comfortable sitting outside.

KATIE NIELSEN: Jack and Alexandra didn't care where they were going to sit. They just wanted to spend more time in the bookstore.

ALEXANDRA BUNA: It's just fun to actually be able to go explore in person all kinds of different books.

KATIE NIELSEN: And restaurant owners we talked with tonight said they're just glad that they're able to have guests sitting inside. Even though Alameda County and Solano County were one of the last to be able to reopen in the Bay Area, they said it couldn't come at a better time, especially with rain in the forecast for next week. Live in Pleasanton, Katie Nielsen KPIX 5.

- Katie, thank you for that.