Reuben Russell Birmingham Discusses Mentoring Youth at the Inner City Church of Christ

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Reuben Russell Birmingham discusses mentoring youth at the Inner City Church of Christ in Huntsville.

BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2020 / The Inner City Church of Christ is a staple of the Huntsville community. A major contribution the Inner City Church of Christ makes within the community is its mentorship program. Reuben Russell Birmingham, a mentor for the program, recently explained the value of mentoring children through the church.

"Mentorship programs help the church directly and positively impact the lives of young people who may not have a lot of additional support at home," Reuben Russell Birmingham said.

Reuben Russell Birmingham explained that mentorship programs provide a variety of activities and positive outlets for youth members of the church. The mentor serves as a role model and a source of support for the young person. The role of the mentor varies with the age of the young person, but it's common for the mentor to offer biblical instruction as well as advice for life outside the church. Mentors often help boost self-esteem, provide health tips or resources, teach life skills, and more.

"The most important role of the mentor is to provide guidance for the young person," Reuben Russell Birmingham. "Many times, these kids just need some additional encouragement and comfort, and we provide that unconditionally."

The Inner City Church of Christ mentorship program seeks to aid spiritual growth but also to help the young person become a positive and productive member of the community. Reuben Russell Birmingham explained that he works with young men to teach them leadership skills and the importance of strong moral character. Integrity and stewardship are values he hopes to instill in the young people he mentors.

"We're here to be instructors, and we're also here to be friends," Reuben Russell Birmingham said. "We teach the kids strong moral values and the lessons of the bible, but we also have fun with them, playing sports, working on projects, and simply hanging out."

Reuben Russell Birmingham stated that parents of kids in the Inner City Church of Christ mentorship program are always kept up to date on what the young person is doing or learning, and how they're progressing through the program. This encourages parents to be involved in the personal growth of their child, further strengthening the parent-child bond. Reuben Russell Birmingham added that many times, the parents are invited to take part in mentorship activities, like camping, day trips, and more.

Reuben Russell Birmingham encourages parents to consider the Inner City Church of Christ mentorship program if they're having difficulties with their children. He states that the young men and women who graduate from the mentorship program have grown astronomically and now have the tools they need to succeed at church, in school, and in life.


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