These reusable cotton bags will keep your veggies from wilting

Stocking up on fresh veggies is often super hard to do. Vegetables go bad fast, especially greens with wilt-prone leaves. If you struggle with keeping greens crisp and veggies non-limp, you need a Vejibag. Vejibags, which were created by a greenhouse owner, keep veggies at optimal freshness through simple design. The bags, which come in several sizes, are made of non-dyed, unbleached French Terry cotton. When wet, Vejibags create a greenhouse-like environment to help your produce thrive. To use, wet the bag under tap water and wring out the excess moisture. After rinsing your fresh veggies, simply put them in the bag and store in the fridge. The brand recommends storing in the main compartment of your refrigerator or in a slightly opened crisper drawer. When the bag dries out in a few days, simply rewet it to keep an optimal veggie environment. Vejibags just might be the solution to all your crisper drawer woes