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Following is a summary of current entertainment news briefs.

Musicians give free online concerts to beat coronavirus

Bans on mass gatherings introduced to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic might have been expected to deal a death blow to musical life, but have instead prompted a boom in free online concerts. One musician to step up to the plate is Russian-German pianist Igor Levit, who took to Twitter on Thursday evening to stream an impromptu rendition of Beethoven's Waldstein Sonata Op. 53 from his Berlin flat to entertain audiences penned at home by the virus.

Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande give thumbs up to social distancing to contain coronavirus

Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger told Americans to "ignore the morons," Lady Gaga said she was staying at home with her dogs, and Taylor Swift said sacrifices are needed as she urged her 128 million fans to practice social distancing in a bid to contain the coronavirus. As U.S. authorities stepped up calls for Americans to move beyond hand washing and isolate themselves as much as possible, Ariana Grande and Heidi Klum added their voices to celebrities appealing for drastically reduced social interactions.

Abigail Disney slams tweet showing huge crowds at Magic Kingdom

Abigail Disney, grand daughter of Walt Disney Co's co-founder Roy Disney, slammed a Twitter post showing a huge crowd at Sunday night's showing of 'Happily Ever After', a fireworks show in Florida's Magic Kingdom theme park. "Are you ... kidding me??" she said in a comment that included a profanity.

Spielberg-produced Amazon mini-series in Mexico put on hold over coronavirus: letter

The filming in Mexico of a big budget Steven Spielberg-produced Amazon mini-series, starring Spanish actor Javier Bardem, has been suspended due to concerns about the coronavirus, according to a letter sent to cast and crew on Friday and seen by Reuters. The production entitled Mexica, which centers on the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs, began filming two weeks ago on location in Mexico City. Mexico has so far confirmed 26 cases of coronavirus.

'Cats' wins six Razzie Awards for 'worst films'

The movie musical "Cats" on Monday dominated the Razzie Awards for the worst movies of 2019, winning six trophies including worst film, screenplay and director. The results capped a dismal performance for the big screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit stage show "Cats."

Box office plunges to lowest level in over two decades amid coronavirus pandemic

Much of public life in the United States essentially ground to a halt this week. In the entertainment world, theme parks shut down, Broadway went dark, studios pulled major tentpoles from their release calendar, and virtually all Hollywood movies and TV shows halted production as coronavirus continues to rapidly spread across North America. The exhibition industry, a sector of the film business reliant on the communal experience, has been the one institution reluctant to entirely close its doors amid the ongoing public heath crisis. Prior to Friday, fears of coronavirus didn't appear to impact moviegoing. But this weekend's box office results display that significantly fewer people are going to their local multiplex.