Reuters: EU preparing 10th round of Russia sanctions

The European Union is working on its 10th round of sanctions for next month against Russia for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, diplomatic sources told Reuters.

According to Reuters, the EU's most staunch Russia critics are requesting that the new sanctions reduce the EU's nuclear fuel cooperation with Russia, ban the import of Russian diamonds, and reduce trade with Belarus, along with other sanctions.

The new measures should be ready around the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, senior diplomats from three countries told Reuters. 

"The next package of sanctions will be ready somewhere around the tragic first anniversary of the invasion," said one of the senior diplomats, Reuters reported. 

The diplomats did not disclose to Reuters, however, who and what exactly would be covered by the next sanctions package. 

The EU approved its ninth package of sanctions in mid-December. The package included restrictions on exports, the banking sector, broadcasting, consulting services, energy and mining sectors, and individual sanctions.