Reuters: G20 begins without consensus on Ukraine

Negotiators at the G20 summit in New Delhi left a paragraph on Ukraine blank in the leaders' draft declaration due to unresolved disagreements, Reuters reported on Sept. 8.

According to a draft seen by Reuters, the paragraph relating to Ukraine and the "geopolitical situation" was left blank, while 75 others on topics ranging from climate change to cryptocurrency had been agreed upon by members.

The G20 summit brings together the leaders of the world's largest economies for a two-day meeting held Sept. 9-10. For the past 20 years of summits, the G20 has culminated in a leaders' declaration, expressing committments to joint priorities.

Senior sources who spoke to Reuters said that the language on Ukraine was sent to Russia for approval after it was agreed upon by Western members.

"But so far Russia is blocking a compromise that is acceptable otherwise for everyone else," an EU diplomat said.

This year's G20 host is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has not imposed sanctions against Russia for its war in Ukraine. Modi has said he does not want the invasion of Ukraine to dominate the meeting, which is intended to highlight the needs of the Global South.

Modi also did not invite Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky to attend the summit.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin are both sending representatives to New Delhi, rather than attending the summit themselves.

The G20 summit in India will overlap with the Eastern Economic Forum, held Sept. 10-13 in Vladivostok. Putin is expected to negotiate an arms deal with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un at the Forum.

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