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North Korea's Kim arrives for summit with Russia's Putin

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in the Russian city of Vladivostok on Wednesday for a summit he is likely to use to seek support from Russian President Vladimir Putin while Pyongyang’s nuclear talks with Washington are in limbo.


Exclusive: Gold worth billions smuggled out of Africa

Billions of dollars’ worth of gold is being smuggled out of Africa every year through the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East – a gateway to markets in Europe, the United States and beyond – a Reuters analysis has found.



U.S. federal judge to block Trump's new abortion rule: media, activists

A federal judge in the U.S. state of Oregon will block a move by the Trump administration to cut off federal money to family planning clinics that offer abortion or refer women to abortion providers, activists and media reports said late on Tuesday.


Self-styled U.S. citizen border patrol unravels after leader's arrest

A group of armed Americans who have been stopping migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border abandoned their New Mexico camp on Tuesday, days after its leader was arrested and allies deserted them during a storm of criticism.



Top U.S. officials to hold trade talks in China next week

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will travel to Beijing for trade talks beginning on April 30, the White House said in a statement on Tuesday.


Wirecard lands $1 billion investment from Japan's Softbank

Japan’s Softbank Group Corp will buy a 5.6 percent stake in Wirecard for around 900 million euros ($1 billion), the German company said on Wednesday, joining forces in the digital payments sector.



Critics gush over the spectacle and story of 'Avengers: Endgame'

Film critics unleashed overwhelmingly positive reviews on Tuesday of “Avengers: Endgame,” the highly anticipated final installment in a decade-long superhero story from Walt Disney Co’s Marvel Studios.


Netflix, streaming services win Oscars cinema rule battle

In a win for Netflix, Amazon and other internet streaming services, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has voted not to change its rules for winning an Oscar, Hollywood’s top prize.



Day vows to bring different mindset to Presidents Cup

Former world number one Jason Day is determined to bring a more positive mindset to the Presidents Cup in Melbourne this year after struggling to produce his best for the Internationals team in four consecutive losses to the United States.


Mercedes' Bottas out for Baku revenge

Valtteri Bottas has a score to settle as he heads into Sunday’s Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix determined to make up for a lost win and regain the championship lead from Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton.




Preview to Macron's yellow vest response

Look ahead to Macron's long-awaited to response to yellow vest protests that have shaken France and the president's authority. In echoes of Charles de Gaulle, Macron will announce the measures at a rare Elysee Palace press conference -- a format not without risk for a president known to have a sharp tongue and an abrasive rapport with the media.

24 Apr 07:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


Disaffected Venezuelan military defectors flee to Brazil

Members of Venezuela's National Guard, the leftist government's main force used to contain discontent, desert to Brazil to avoid having to repress protests on orders of what they call corrupt military commanders propping up President Nicolas Maduro. Reuters interviewed a lieutenant and five sergeants, some of the 60 military personnel that have fled across the border into Brazil since late February.

24 Apr 11:00 ET / 15:00 GMT


The Reuters/Ipsos poll on Democratic presidential candidates

The Reuters/Ipsos poll will publish its first public opinion poll on the Democratic nomination for president. The poll asks Democrats and independents to select their choice among those who have already announced their candidacy, plus former Vice President Joe Biden who is expected to formally enter the race this week.

24 Apr 06:00 ET / 10:00 GMT


Trump addresses U.S. opioid crisis

U.S. President speaks at the Rx Awareness Summit about the opioid crisis. President Trump is joined by First Lady Melania Trump at the event.

24 Apr 13:00 ET / 17:00 GMT


Fewer Americans seeing crucial Social Security document due to budget cuts

It is one of the most important retirement documents you will ever receive - but fewer Americans are reviewing their Social Security benefit statement nowadays due to cost-cutting and a government push to online services that is falling short.the Social Security Administration (SSA) decided in 2010 to save money by eliminating most mailings of benefit statements. Instead, we would all be encouraged to obtain this information online. It is now abundantly clear that this is not working out.

24 Apr 06:00 ET / 10:00 GMT


Former Vice President Joe Biden to announce his 2020 candidacy

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is expected to release a video in which he announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

25 Apr


Indian PM Modi holds road show amid a sea of supporters in holy Varanasi town

Tens of thousands of supporters join Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he leads a road show through the streets of the ancient Hindu town of Varanasi - his parliamentary constituency.

25 Apr


EXPLAINER:Why Spain's election is so open, and how it may pan out

Spain is gearing up for one of its most tightly contested national elections in decades, with the result too close to call and at least five parties from across the political spectrum with a shot at being in government.

25 Apr


Heightened security around ANZAC Day events following Christchurch attacks

Security heightened around events in New Zealand to commemorate ANZAC Day, the ill-fated Gallipoli peninsula landings of allied forces during World War One. Britain's Prince William vists and will head to Christchurch later in the day. We are also covering ceremonies in Australia and Thailand, as well as Turkey

25 Apr



Funeral of Northern Ireland journalist Lyra McKee takes place in Belfast

Funeral of Northern Ireland journalist Lyra McKee takes place in Belfast a week after she was shot dead while watching militant Irish nationalists clash with police in Londonderry.

24 Apr 08:00 ET / 12:00 GMT


New missile gap leaves U.S. scrambling to counter China

A short text story summarizing a Reuters special report on how China under Xi Jinping has created a missile arsenal that in key areas now rivals or outperforms that of the United States, a dramatic shift that could render American aircraft carriers – the backbone of U.S. military supremacy – obsolete in a conflict.

25 Apr


Deadly clashes in remote northern Kenya intensify as guns flood in

Instability in neighboring Ethiopia and South Sudan are spilling over the border into Kenya in a disputed region known as the Ilemi Triangle, residents said, and the death toll is spiking as newcomers arrive with more firepower. The region's inhabitants are coming under increasing pressure as a growing population, changing weather patterns and displacement caused by conflict all crowd people and livestock into its arid scrubland.

25 Apr


China leads U.S. on potent super-fast missiles

China is leading the U.S. in a race to deploy hypersonic missiles that would defeat existing air defense systems, according to senior U.S. officials.

25 Apr


As rockets fall on Tripoli, art gallery opens as cultural life continues

As bombs fall on the Libyan capital, businessman Mustafa Iskandar opens an art gallery and cultural center. a rare effort to revive the capital's old city haunted by neglect and destruction.

25 Apr


The China Challenge: New missile gap leaves U.S. scrambling to counter China

Under Xi Jinping, Beijing has created a missile arsenal that in some areas now rivals or outperforms that of the United States, a dramatic shift that could render American aircraft carriers – the backbone of U.S. military supremacy – obsolete in a conflict. Second in "The China Challenge," a series about China's growing military power.

25 Apr



Ex-University of Texas tennis coach to plead guilty in college admissions scandal

The former head coach of the men's tennis team at the University of Texas at Austin is scheduled to plead guilty on Wednesday to accepting a bribe to help a wealthy father secure admission for his son at the school, as part of the U.S. college admissions scandal.

24 Apr 06:00 ET / 10:00 GMT



Wisconsin's battle for bodies points to a labor market that may be tapped

President Donald Trump says his policies have touched off a durable economic boom, but the outcome may rest in the hands of people like Marty Groth and how many more like him are out there. The labor force has surged the last three years, helping uphold economic growth. It may not last.

24 Apr 07:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


Q1 2019 General Dynamics Corp Earnings Release

U.S. aerospace and defense company General Dynamics Corp is expected to post a rise in first quarter revenue boosted by higher sales in its aerospace unit and strong demand for its IT services. Investors will look for updates on on the company's financial forecast.

24 Apr 08:30 ET / 12:30 GMT


Q1 2019 Boeing Co Earnings Release

The world's biggest planemaker is expected to report lower first-quarter profit and sales, hurt by the groundings of its best-selling 737 MAX jets. Investors will look for comments on the impact of the groundings on Boeing's full-year financial forecast.

24 Apr 08:30 ET / 12:30 GMT


AT&T Inc Reports First Quarter Results

AT&T Inc is expected to report a rise in quarterly revenue as the 3rd largest U.S. wireless carried added more net new phone subscribers who pay a monthly bill.

24 Apr 08:30 ET / 12:30 GMT


UN reports shows hundreds of thousands of species risk extinction due to humans

This global assessment by the United Nations is expected to say that 1 million species risk extinction due to human activity – rising sea temperatures, habitat loss, pollution etc etc.

24 Apr 07:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


Bank of Canada to make rate decision, release policy report

The Bank of Canada is expected to hold interest rates steady again amid a slowing global and domestic economy. The central bank will also release its highly anticipate quarterly forecast, which will give markets an indication if future hikes still remain on the table.

24 Apr 10:00 ET / 14:00 GMT


Q1 2019 Tesla Inc Earnings Call

Elon Musk expected to answer questions about 2019 profitability, delivery targets and the need for any capital raise.

24 Apr 17:30 ET / 21:30 GMT


Q1 2019 Tesla Inc Earnings Release

Tesla releases results for its first quarter, which saw a major drop in deliveries of its vehicles to customers.

24 Apr 16:00 ET / 20:00 GMT


Low-cost Portugal, a gateway to Europe's medical cannabis market

In the quiet Portuguese city of Cantanhede, north of the country's capital Lisbon, a 24-hectare medical cannabis facility is open for business, an investment of 20 million euros by Canada-based Tilray which hopes to use its new hub in low-cost Portugal to meet Europe's growing demand for cannabis products and expand its operations.

24 Apr 13:30 ET / 17:30 GMT


Tesla's Elon Musk, SEC due to report on negotiations over Twitter use

Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk are due to report to a Manhattan judge in a court filing whether they have reached an agreement about Musk's Twitter use.

25 Apr


Saudi Arabia financial sector conference, day two

Saudi Arabia hosts its first financial sector conference, part of efforts to develop the financial industry as part of Vision 2030 reforms.

25 Apr


French mining group Eramet publishes Q1 sales

25 Apr


SK Hynix posts first-quarter earnings

The world's No.2 memory chipmaker SK Hynix reports its first quarter earnings as chip prices decline continue to pressure its profits.

25 Apr


Interview with head of RTE French power systems operator

Interview with France’s grid operator. Focus on the need for greater interconnection across Europe as more renewables join the system and older coal plans are closed

25 Apr


ADB President Takehiko Nakao speaks to foreign correspondents in Manila

Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Takehiko Tadao talks to the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) on the bank's priorities for 2019 and economic outlook for Asia

25 Apr


Serbia's agriculture faces damages due to lower numbers of bees

Serbia's agriculture, a key export sector in the Balkan country, could face annual damages of around 150 million euros if its farmers continue with excessive use of pesticides. The government and beekepers which are also facing lower honey production, have embarked on an action to contain the damages.

25 Apr


Putin meets Kim Jong Un in Russia's Far East

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un meets President Vladimir Putin in Russia's Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. Kim is expected to meet Putin on his way to Beijing Belt and Road Forum.

25 Apr



Uganda mum who keeps having quadruplets struggles to raise 38 surviving children

Mariam Nabatanzi gave birth a set of twins a year after she was married off at age 12. Five more sets of twins followed - along with four sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets.

25 Apr