Reuters: No signs of 600 Ukrainian soldiers allegedly killed by Russia in Kramatorsk after ‘revenge attack’

Shortly after Russia's Defense Ministry claimed on Jan. 8 that 600 Ukrainian troops had been killed "as part of a retaliatory operation" in the city of Kramatorsk in the eastern Donetsk Oblast, Reuters reported that the attack “missed its targets and there were no obvious signs of casualties.”

Earlier it had been announced by Russia that the target of the revenge attack was two college dormitories where Ukrainian military personnel were temporarily stationed.

"This is an information operation of the Russian defense ministry," said Ukrainian military spokesperson Serhii Cherevatiy to Suspilne.

Journalists from Italian newspaper La Republicca and Finnish outlet Yle also visited the scene. Finnish journalist Antti Kuronen noted that the strike on one of the "dormitories" was not a direct hit, and in any case, the building was clealy not occupied due to a complete lack of insulation.

On New Year's Eve, Ukraine’s Armed Forces struck a Russian temporary barracks in occupied Makiivka, Donetsk Oblast, killing around 400 Russian soldiers and wounding least 300, according to the Ukrainian military's estimates.

Unlike previous instances of similar high-precision Ukrainian strikes on Russian personnel accomodation, Russia's Defense Ministry acknowledged that the attack took place, but gave the death toll as being only 89.