Reuters US Domestic News Summary

Following is a summary of current US domestic news briefs.

UK PM Johnson urges Trump to reconsider U.S. crash case stance

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday urged President Donald Trump to reconsider a decision to let a U.S. diplomat's wife use diplomatic immunity after she was involved in a fatal car crash in England and then left the country. Harry Dunn, 19, was killed in August in a road collision near RAF Croughton, an air force base in central England that is used by the United States.

Trump and U.S. Democrats jockey for position in deepening impeachment battle

The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives was set on Wednesday to step up its impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump over his dealings with Ukraine, as the White House declared it would not cooperate with the probe. The three congressional committees leading the inquiry were working on final arrangements to interview a U.S. intelligence officer who filed the whistleblower complaint that triggered the probe, a day after the State Department abruptly blocked the U.S. ambassador to the European Union from speaking to them.

Bernie Sanders: Will not scale down campaign after heart attack - NBC interview

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said on Wednesday he does not intend to scale back his presidential campaigning after a heart attack, saying he had not intended to give the impression he was slowing down. "I misspoke the other day. I said a word I should not have said and media drives me a little bit nuts to make a big deal about it," Sanders said in an interview with NBC News. "We're going to get back into the groove of a very vigorous campaign. I love doing rallies and I love doing town meetings."

Democrat Warren swears off high-dollar fundraisers if she gets presidential nomination

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren vowed to abstain from high-dollar fundraisers if she becomes the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020, extending into the general election campaign her promise not to hold such events during the primary season. Warren told CBS News in an interview posted online on Tuesday that she would skip big-money fundraisers, regardless of how much Republican President Donald Trump raises for his reelection campaign.

California set to end private prisons and immigrant detention camps

America's largest state prison system is moving to quit the practice of farming out inmates to lockups run under contract by private companies, following a nationwide decline in the for-profit incarceration business. California Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign legislation this week designed to effectively ban private, for-profit corporations from running prisons or immigration detention facilities.

U.S. arrests counterterrorism analyst over leaks to journalists

A counterterrorism analyst with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency was arrested on Wednesday over charges he leaked classified materials about a foreign country's weapons system to two journalists in 2018 and 2019, the U.S. Justice Department said in federal court filings on Wednesday. Information that 30-year-old Henry Kyle Frese passed to the journalists appeared in at least eight different news stories, the Justice Department alleged in an indictment unsealed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Power shut off to millions in California as wildfire risks rise

Electricity was shut off to more than 500,000 California homes and businesses on Wednesday as Pacific Gas and Electric Co imposed a planned power outage of unprecedented scale to reduce wildfire risks posed by high winds and hot, dry weather. A second phase of the "public safety power shutoff" was slated to begin at midday, extending cutoffs to another 234,000 customers, the utility said, and it was considering a third phase for 42,000 more homes and businesses.

Ex-Trump aide Manafort not shielded by earlier conviction for similar crimes: N.Y. prosecutors

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort must face mortgage fraud charges against him in New York, even though he is already serving a prison sentence after being convicted of similar federal crimes, New York state prosecutors said on Wednesday. Manafort's lawyers had sought to dismiss the state charges in September, arguing that they subjected him to illegal double jeopardy, or prosecution of a person twice for the same offense.

Trump orders agencies to require public input in key 'guidance documents'

U.S. President Donald Trump signed two executive orders on Wednesday requiring federal agencies to go through a similar process of public input and explanation when they issue key "guidance documents" and pledged White House scrutiny. Trump said his orders require agencies to seek public input on "the most important guidance and the whole process will be closely overseen by the White House."

U.S. Army vows more funds, measures to fix housing hazards

Pledging to overcome a housing crisis on its installations, the U.S. Army is outlining new steps it is taking to provide better housing for families of service members while demanding accountability from private landlords and Army commanders. In an interview, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said private real estate firms operating housing on military bases have already committed some $500 million to address substandard conditions like those documented in a Reuters series, Ambushed at Home.