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Following is a summary of current world news briefs.

Anger on campus: Behind the student protests that have rocked Indonesia

He was once a boy scout and member of a patriotic flag-raising team in high school. But with student protests sweeping Jakarta and other cities in recent months in some of the worst civil unrest to hit Indonesia in decades, Manik Marganamahendra has emerged as an anti-establishment icon.

Erdogan says U.S. not fulfilling Syria promises, ahead of Trump talks

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States and Russia on Thursday of failing to fulfill their part of a deal for Kurdish militia to leave a Syrian region bordering Turkey, and said he would raise this with President Donald Trump next week. Turkey launched an offensive across its border with Syrian rebels a month ago, seeking to push out Kurdish YPG fighters it sees as a threat to its security. After seizing control of a 120-km (75-mile) swathe of territory, Ankara reached a deal with the United States to keep the Kurdish militia out of that area.

Attack on Canadian mining firm in Burkina Faso threatens gold’s final frontier

As jihadists wreaked ever more havoc in the last two years, mining firms in Burkina Faso rolled out extra security measures, from barracks for government troops protecting them to safe rooms for workers behind barbed wire and mounds. Expatriates generally fly in and out, while local staff still drive but in guarded convoys.

Iraqi forces kill 10 protesters in Baghdad and Basra

Iraqi security forces shot dead at least six anti-government protesters in Baghdad on Thursday and killed four others as they broke up a sit-in in the southern city of Basra, police and medical sources said. Scores more were wounded in the clashes as weeks of deadly violence in Iraq over protests against an entrenched political elite showed no signs of abating.

U.N. nuclear watchdog, Western powers criticize Iran for holding inspector

The United Nations nuclear watchdog and Western powers on Thursday strongly criticized Iran for preventing one of the agency's inspectors from leaving the country last week. The U.S. envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency said detaining the inspector was an "outrageous provocation" by Iran and the agency itself said it was unacceptable.

NATO experiencing 'brain death', France's Macron says

France's president warned fellow European countries on Thursday that NATO was dying, citing a lack of coordination and U.S. unpredictability under President Donald Trump, comments quickly rejected as "drastic" by the German chancellor. In an interview with British weekly The Economist, Emmanuel Macron expressed doubt about U.S.-led NATO's security maxim that an attack on one ally is an attack on all, which has underpinned transatlantic ties since the alliance's 1949 foundation.

Families gather in Mexico from across U.S. to grieve slain Americans

An American man whose grandchildren were slain in a massacre in Mexico demanded justice for other victims of the country's drug war on Thursday, as hundreds of relatives gathered from across the United States to honor the victims. Kenneth Miller lost his daughter-in-law and four grandchildren, all dual citizens, in an ambush in the northern border state of Sonora on Monday that killed nine people.

Bolivia protest leader to decide timing for march to government palace

A Bolivian protest leader who has emerged as a symbol of the opposition said that he will decide on Thursday the date and time for a march to the government palace to deliver a pre-written resignation letter for President Evo Morales to sign. Luis Fernando Camacho said at a press conference that he would be meeting with his associates to discuss when to attempt the march to deliver the letter to Morales, a symbolic gesture following a contentious election that the long-standing leftist leader won last month.

Looking for a hero: shirtless Chilean protester, police-hating dog rise to fame

A hooded, muscular man shielding himself with a traffic "Stop" sign during a clash with police amid protests in the Chilean capital has gone viral on social networks, with the man being lauded as a romantic hero of the struggle that has raged for the past three weeks. The image of "PareMan" or "Captain Pare," as he has become known - pare means stop in Spanish - was first captured on Oct. 30 by Reuters photographer Jorge Silva during protests on Santiago's central Alameda thoroughfare.

France's Macron to meet Germany's Merkel in Berlin on November 10

French President Emmanuel Macron will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Sunday, Macron's office said on Thursday. Macron will talk with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, then with the chancellor, ahead of a dinner attended by players and witnesses of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the statement said.