Rev. Raphael Warnock campaigns alongside Julian Castro to make history as Georgia’s first Black senator

Leaning into his own lived experience as a Black man, Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock says he feels, "well-positioned ... to make history, but more importantly to make a difference in the lives of working families."

Video Transcript

- You know, in the Baptist Church, they talk back to the preacher. Hello, everybody.

- Hello.

- Thank you so much. It is wonderful to be here. And thank you for gathering on this December day, 29 days from Election Day. We are well positioned in this state to make history, but more importantly, to make a difference in the lives of working families. I'm especially grateful for the voices of young people. As I said earlier, I'm in love with humanity. And so for me, the Latino community is important, brown community is important, black community is important, white sisters and brothers. We need a multiracial coalition to push this country closer toward its values. Here we are in the middle of a COVID-19 crisis. Folks have lost loved ones, others have lost livelihoods. The other day I was out in Forrest Park visiting Latino businesses, and I was so inspired by the way in which they're holding it together without much help from Washington. We haven't seen any COVID relief in months. And when the relief came, the Shake Shacks of the world, the large corporate and well-connected interests were at the front of the line. Small businesses, like the ones I visited the other day, were at the back of the line. And so we need a COVID-19 stimulus package. We need to make sure that it gets to the people who actually need it.

- All Mitch McConnell is going to do with the help of Loeffler and Perdue, if they're re-elected, is to block everything. Nothing will get done on behalf of Georgia. We simply cannot afford right now for Mitch McConnell to have the keys to the Senate again, so that nothing gets done in people's greatest time of need. We need to elect Reverend Warnock so that we can actually get good things done on jobs, on small businesses, on health care, on this vaccine, and have a brighter future.

- And my concern is that the voices of the people have been squeezed out of the politics, and the politics has too often been about the politicians. So the pundits can have all this conversation about the right, the left, I'm focused on the difference between right and wrong.