Revamp your kitchen with these beautiful bakeware essentials

Great Jones bakeware will add a pop of colorto your kitchen

Video Transcript

- What's up, guys. Welcome back to "Ass to Cart." I am Daniel.

- I'm [? Arianna. ?]

- I'm Nicole.

- And today we were talking about baking must haves. Who doesn't want to make delicious things in the kitchen? Now, I have this, the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer, and this gets the job done every single time.

Six speeds, it comes with the beaters and a whisk, and it all fits in this nice, like, plastic packaging. Are you ready for this?

- Yes. Show us the speed.

- The power behind this thing. Six speeds. So we go from one--


- OK.

- --all the way to six.


- Wow.

- Can you like just pop it out by pressing that top thing?

- Yeah. Same thing. It all just kind of rests nice and easily inside--

- Simple.

- --the plastic thing. Storage is super simple.

- So we talked about the utensil. This is the Great Jones Fully Baked bakeware set. The things that I'm going to talk about are the casserole dish--

- Nice.

- --and the pie plate. This is ceramic.

- Oh, that's good.

- And they call this the Hot Dish, which is so cute. The Sweetie Pie pie plate. But it also comes with some pans over there.

- All the essentials you need for baking are in this set. Two cake pans, two loaf pans, and a sheet pan. What else would you need for baking?

- Yeah.

- It's all right here.

- It's everything you need.

- Guys, we have the baking bug. You can catch the baking bug, too. It's super easy and honestly gorgeous.

- It's so nice.

- It's really beautiful.

- Add it to your cart and get your bake on

- We'll see you next time.

- Later.

- Bye bye. See you next time.

- How good do those smell?

- These smell amazing.

- How good do they smell?

- You know I love me a lemon cake.

- Mm-hmm.

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