Revere Beach Parking Meters Coming Soon

Payment will be required starting May 1.

Video Transcript

- Beach bummer in Revere. Starting next month, parking will no longer be free. You see, the city is installing parking meters along the beach there.

- Now these meters will raise revenue for Revere, but visitors won't like it. WBZ's Paula Evans joins us now. Paula, Revere was the first public beach in the country.

PAULA EVANS: The very first, Lisa. And it's such an important summer destination for so many people. Starting May 1, parking along the beach will no longer be free. Kiosks are being installed along Revere Beach Boulevard from Elliott Circle to Kerry Circle. As you can imagine, they're not a welcome sight.

DOUGLAS FERRERIA: A lot of people enjoy these beaches. And parking used to be readily available. But all these buildings went up, and parking is already shrinking. And now having to pay for it, it's tough.

MICHAEL JALOWICK: It is what it is. They need to make money. Everyone needs to make money.

PAULA EVANS: Even worse for neighbors, there will probably be more traffic. That area will have lane closures for the next few weeks as the kiosks are put in. David and Lisa?