Reverse ATM's unveiled on Astros Opening Day

You can spend big bucks at a ball game, and while that has not changed, how you pay at Minute Maid Park is changing.

Video Transcript

- You can spend big bucks at a ball game. That's not changed, but how you pay at Minute Maid Park certainly is changing. Transactions at Minute Maid Park will be cashless this season, so don't forget your credit card or debit card. Baseball fans who don't carry plastic are not going to be left out, however, thanks to reverse ATMs scattered throughout Minute Maid Park.

You know how a regular ATM works. You put the card in the machine and get cash out, but a reverse ATM is doing it the other way around. With these machines, you put cash in, and then the machine spits out an Astros-branded Mastercard. You can use that card to buy food and souvenirs.

So what happens if you put in $100 into the reverse ATM but only spend $85 on the card at the ballpark?

- That credit card is useful anywhere. It doesn't-- not just in Minute Maid Park, but you can use it for anything.

- Again, you can use those credit cards anywhere that credit cards are accepted, not just inside Minute Maid Park. Now there is a limit to how much you can put on a reverse ATM card. The cards are capped at 500 bucks, so you could put any amount up to $500 on the card.

And they are at many, many Major League ballparks all over the country, and, in fact, not just at ballparks across the country but venues across the country as well. As venues and ballparks try to struggle with how to stay safe and still handle cash, well, you put it into this reverse ATM, you get the card-- a little bit easier on the people who have to accept that money.