Revlon launches EWG-approved clean beauty

Revlon is doubling down on clean beauty with the launch of its new ‘PhotoReady Prime Plus Perfecting + Smoothing Primer.'

The beauty giant claims that the primer is the first global mass beauty launch approved by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization that rigorously evaluates personal care products to empower shoppers to make the best choices for them.

"Revlon is proud to launch the first EWG verified cosmetic available globally to consumers in mass retail stores," said Revlon President and CEO Debra G. Perelman, in a statement. "More than just buying differently, consumers want added assurances about the products they buy and their ingredients."

"This is an important milestone for EWG, Revlon and the beauty industry as a whole," added Ken Cook, EWG president and co-founder.

The new primer is designed to boost dull complexions, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and firmer. It contains a Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid complex, as well as Pumpkin Seed Extract, and boasts a creamy, hydrating formula. It is designed to prepare the skin for makeup application.

The move is symbolic of the growing trend for ‘clean beauty,' which has seen brands such as CoverGirl, Bite Beauty and Victoria Beckham Beauty rush to promote natural, chemical-free formulas over the last few months. Meanwhile, retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Sephora and Target have come up with dedicated clean beauty categories or icons in a bid to help shoppers navigate the ever-growing space.