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Revs Head Coach Bruce Arena Excited For Home Opener

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Before the New England Revolution take the field against D.C. United, Arena chatted with WBZ-TV's Dan Roche about the team's home opener at Gillette Stadium.

Video Transcript

DAN ROCHE: Well, we got a big night tonight. The New England Revolution begin their home campaign here at Gillette Stadium. Dan Roach, along with the head coach and sporting director of the Revs, and that would be Bruce Arena. And, Bruce, I mean, you know, thanking the weather gods for this one, or what, with the crowd and everything.

BRUCE ARENA: We have a great evening. We're looking forward to our home opener. We're so pleased that our fans can come out tonight. It's been a tough year, plus for everybody in this country. And for our fans that have now the opportunity to come out, support the team, yell at the coach, I think it's great. So we're looking forward to the game.

DAN ROCHE: Yeah. It'll be nice to hear that. Right? We hope they're not yelling though. You got DC United. You've won two MLS titles with DC United. How tough of a opponent is that coming into tonight?

BRUCE ARENA: Well, they won their opener, so they're going to come in with confidence. They're a difficult team to play against. They're a very strong team defensively, so we're going to have to be patient. We have to break them down, and we have to get the first goal in the game.

DAN ROCHE: It's only one match. But what did you learn about your team last week? You know, we all were excited. Down 2-0, and then you guys came flying back. What did you learn from that one?

BRUCE ARENA: Well, I learned that you can't go down by two goals in the first 10 minutes of the game. But I also learned that our guys have a lot of character. And to come back and get a point on the road was big. So we have a team that's confident. They think they can win games. We can win holding a lead. We can win coming from behind.

DAN ROCHE: Did I read that it's the first time in a regular season, or here at Gillette, that you've got the combo of Buksa, Gil, and Bou together-- starting together?

BRUCE ARENA: Yeah. That's likely. We've only been together for, you know, a year, that trio. But it's great to have them back on the field together.

DAN ROCHE: And what do they bring? I mean, obviously, we see on a nightly basis what they do.

BRUCE ARENA: Well, Carles is one of the best play makers in the league. He scores goals, as well. He brings a lot of confidence to our team. And Bou and Buksa are goalscorers. And in this sport, if you have guys who can score goals, you've got a chance to win a lot of games.

DAN ROCHE: And lineup changes that we'll see tonight? I know you've got a kid from team Iceland, Arnnor Traustason.

BRUCE ARENA: Traustason is going to start today. That's one of our changes. Mafla at left back the second change. And Kaptoum in the midfield will be our third change. So three changes from our game in Chicago.

DAN ROCHE: What's a day like today like for you? I mean, you've been doing this a long time. We've talked about that before. But to wake up on a day like this, and just to see the weather, to walk out here on this field, and to feel that beautiful weather, does it still get the adrenaline going here?

BRUCE ARENA: Yeah. Opening game for everybody is exciting. And the other part here in Gillette is we have a brand new field. It's a beautiful surface that we think is more conducive to playing soccer on than the old artificial field. So, hopefully, it's a good night for the Revs, and we look forward to the kickoff.

DAN ROCHE: I think we all look forward to it. Thanks for taking a few minutes out. Good luck tonight. We'll be watching on TV 38 and the 8,000 plus fans here. Hopefully have a great time.

BRUCE ARENA: We're looking forward. Thank you.

DAN ROCHE: All right. There you go. That is Bruce Arena. And, again, the game is over on TV 38. You can watch that game kickoff is set for 8:00 over on TV 38. Should be a beautiful night for soccer.