Reward increased for info on neglected puppy from Beaver Falls, dog on road to recovery

CENTER TWP. – With his recovery going so well that he has been named after a western Pennsylvania athlete who also is overcoming trauma, the reward has been increased for information on who neglected and abandoned a Beaver County puppy.

Officials from the Beaver County Humane Society they now upping the reward from $500 to $2,000 for information on the previous owners of the emaciated puppy, which caretakers are now calling "Hamlin," found in the woods near Beaver Falls last week. The increased amount is thanks to direct donations from the community to support the search for its neglectful owners.

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After discovering the puppy soaked and near death in the woods, the humane society has worked to ensure Hamlin's recovery goes smoothly. An emergency blood transfusion was required for the puppy, as extreme anemia was found in his initial blood work. Emergency veterinary services were able to organize the procedure for Hamlin over the weekend, with the humane society continuing to closely monitor the pup's health for any complications.

Throughout the process, the affectionate dog has shown nothing but love for his rescuers, humane society staff said.

"Through it all, this little guy had a tail wag, nose bump and lick for anyone that came to say hello," BCHS staff said in a post via Facebook. "His ability to show love when he was in such obvious distress was heartwarming."

Seeing the strong will of the puppy during his recovery, the staff at the humane society decided to name the affectionate dog after another notable recovery story from the region that has brought people together.

"In the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed a miraculous recovery by western Pennsylvania native Damar Hamlin," staff said via social media. "Because of this puppy’s will to live, his giving (or, should we say, forgiving nature) and a story that brought many, many people together, we found it fitting to name him Hamlin."

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As of Wednesday afternoon, staff at the humane society are continuing to carefully feed Hamlin as he regains the strength in his limbs. Now being able to walk short distances by himself, veterinarians will follow up with blood work as the dog begins the process of making blood cells on his own.

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Those with information on Hamlin's former owner are being asked to call the Beaver County Humane Society at 724-775-5801 for the increased reward. The humane society reports it is investigating one case that may be linked to the puppy, but encourages anyone with information to step forward with any details that may assist with the investigation. Future updates about Hamlin's recovery, as well as the investigation, will be shared on the organization's Facebook page.

This article originally appeared on Beaver County Times: As health improves, reward increased for info on neglected puppy from Beaver Falls