Reward Now $150K To Catch Person Who Killed 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos

The reward to catch the person who killed 6-year-old Aiden Leos has now increased to $150,000.

Video Transcript

- Renewed push to catch a killer. Orange County supervisors are stepping in with more reward money in the death of a six-year-old boy. They're hoping it will help track down those responsible for shooting the boy in a road rage attack on the 55 Freeway.

- This afternoon, KCAL9 Orange County reporter Michele Gile is live in Orange at a memorial for young Aiden Leos. Michele?

MICHELE GILE: This has become a community gathering spot. I'm on a bridge right above the 55 Freeway, where little Aiden was killed. As this memorial grows, so does the reward. The reward to catch the killer of six-year-old Aiden Leos has now tripled to $150,000.

KATRINA FOLEY: We are giving you 150,000 reasons to pick up the phone, make the call to the CHP, help us find the killer of this little boy.

MICHELE GILE: Today, $100,000 was kicked in by Orange County supervisors Katrina Foley and Don Wagner, who used their discretionary county funds as an incentive for someone to turn the suspect in. The stretch of the 55 Freeway in Orange where the road rage shooting happened last Friday is in Wagner's district.

DON WAGNER: If you know something. If you know somebody who knows something. If you were in the area and have a dash cam. If you've got a store that looks out over the freeway, you may not have caught the actual incident, but you may very well have seen the vehicle fleeing or you've got a partial license plate or a partial description.

MICHELE GILE: Aiden Leos's family put up the first $50,000 for the reward. His mother told investigators that the suspect's car is a white VW wagon, model year 2015 or newer. The CHP has a dedicated email address for tips. District Attorney Todd Spitzer is tweeting the information and asking the public to send in video if they were driving on the 55 Freeway at the time that the little boy was shot around 8:00 AM. Aiden's sister says the suspect driver was a woman and a man was in the passenger seat. Aiden's mom thinks the passenger shot at them.

KATRINA FOLEY: We really just need your help. If you know anything, if you know this individual and they have shared information with you, please be a good citizen. Do the right thing, report the information.

MICHELE GILE: There is a GoFundMe for Aiden's mother. So far, it has collected more than $225,000. That's the latest live here in Orange. I'm Michele Gile. Back to you.

- Michele, thank you.