Reznikov says Russian missile strikes only bolster support for Ukraine

Oleksii Reznikov
Oleksii Reznikov

"Their logic is very simple: as they can't defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield, so they attack civilians,” Reznikov said.

“They dream of plunging us into darkness and coldness, so Ukrainians would say: ‘We’ve had enough. We want to surrender,’ and force the government to negotiate.”

In fact, Reznikov said, these attacks only make the Ukrainians' desire to win stronger.

"Russians even cynically called these attacks 'humanitarian strikes' or 'humanitarian missiles,” the defense minister said.

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“It's a tactic of the new army commanders who have been made responsible for the 'operation' (“special military operation” is the Russian propaganda term for its war against Ukraine – ed.), but they've missed one thing: these attacks only strengthen the resistance and resilience of the Ukrainian nation. Furthermore, they strengthen the desire of our allies to support us further.”

Reznikov also said the feelings of other countries’ foreign ministers during the Rammstein meeting were greatly altered after one of Russia’s recent mass missile strikes. They immediately realized Ukraine's need for air defense systems. In particular, Spain agreed to send HAWK air defense systems to Ukraine.

"These idiots (Russian troops – ed.) do things that won't help them to win.  Instead they help us win," Reznikov said.

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