Rhino Calf Separated From Mother as Key Reserve Hit by Monsoon Floods

A female rhino calf was said to be in a stable condition at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India, on July 15 after becoming separated from its mother during flooding the day before.

This footage shows the rhino being brought by boat to the national park’s Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation.

“A female rhino calf was separated from her mother due to high flood,” the park said on Twitter. “As we could not locate the mother, team CWRC along with Kaziranga staff rescued it and [it is] currently under care at our rescue centre.”

The park said the calf was “currently stable” and “under constant observation”.

According to the Hindustan Times, 90 percent of Kaziranga National Park has been affected by flooding, and dozens of animals, including two rhinos, have died or been injured as a result. Credit: CWRC at Kaziranga National Park via Storyful