RICHARD JOHNSON: Camila Morrone, 25, was too old for Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, sources tell me

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Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, broke up with Camila Morrone, 25, because she was getting too old, sources say.

The couple was introduced by Al Pacino, who dated Camila’s mother Lucila Sola, an Argentine actress, for 10 years.

It’s hardly surprising that the “Titanic” actor left Morrone, as history has shown that DiCaprio has broken up with his former flames — Gisele Bundchen, Nina Agdal, Bar Refaeli, Toni Garrn and Blake Lively — after they hit the ripe old age of 25.

“Leo never stays single for more than a couple of months,” said one source.

The only other leading man to stay a bachelor longer was Warren Beatty, who was finally “caught” by the fabulous Annette Bening.


David Gamble is the British photographer hired to document the ephemera of Andy Warhol’s home, after Andy was hospitalized for minor surgery and never made it back to his townhouse on E. 66th St.

This show, titled ‘’East 66th Street,” opens Sept. 15 at the Georges Berges Gallery in Soho, which is infamous because it is also the gallery of well-connected painter Hunter Biden.

“No one had really ever been invited to see Andy’s home,” said one source. “Andy never entertained there. He went out every night.”

Gamble was intrigued by Warhol’s medicine cabinet, and shot it.

“This was the moment I met Andy Warhol. This was the closest to a real portrait of Andy Warhol,” Gamble said.

“Was there ever a truer portrait I could make of an artist who disguised himself behind a wig and glasses for most of his life?”


Phil Falcone — the hedge funder who made $2 billion and then lost it — still owes New York state $4.12 million, according to the Department of Taxation and Finance.

The Harvard grad and his wife Lisa have sold their Upper East Side mansion, their Hamptons estate and their art collection to pay off about $100 million in debts.

But the parents of twin teenage girls are No. 18 on the list of the state’s top 250 tax delinquents.

Martin Shkreli, who drew worldwide attention when he raised the price of a drug to $750 per pill, is listed with a tax debt of $1.6 million.

James Altucher — the blogger and podcaster who wrote a piece two years ago headlined “N.Y.C. is dead forever. Here’s why.” — owes $985,000.

After Jerry Seinfeld led a host of critics, Altucher said, “Let’s focus on solutions because the faster we do that, the faster forever ends.”

Lisa Presley, daughter of Elvis, might need to get more royalties. She’s listed with a state tax debt of $719,000.


Airlines are making money on every canceled flight, according to Bob Guccione Jr. of the Wonderlust travel website.

“It costs a lot to fly a plane, it costs almost nothing to not fly it. And they already have your money,” says Guccione.

U.S. carriers have had 138,000 cancellations this year, and have accumulated more than $10 billion in unused travel credits.

“Put another way, imagine you bought a ticket to watch a film in a multi-screen cinema,” Guccione writes on

“When you go, expectantly, to your screening room, the person collecting the ticket says ‘that movie’s not on today. You can come back tomorrow and maybe it’ll be showing, or you can wait a while and go see a different one in a room where we are showing movies and have some unsold seats. Alternatively, we’ll give you credit to come back some time and see a different movie. Either way, we’re keeping your money!’”


Former mayor Bill de Blasio, on his way to teach at Harvard, still seems surprised at the negativity he encountered in office.

“I do know there are some haters out there. I don’t know why people like to hate so much. I don’t know why some people … find it so entertaining. I don’t think it’s a very good way to live,” he told Arthur Aidala on The Power Hour on AM 970 The Answer.

“But they are not the majority. They may be the majority on Twitter. They’re not the majority in the real world.”

Asked if he’d show up to class on time, the notoriously tardy De Blasio vowed, “Yes, I am a changed man. I’m reformed now.”


Restaurants come and go, but Armondo’s Italian Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens, is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Sept. 11.

Jerry Crisci, who came here from Italy as a child, opened the eatery when Harry S. Truman was president.

Northern Blvd. between 73rd and 74th Sts. will be closed between noon and 7 p.m. A band has been booked. And there will be plenty of food and drink to fuel the celebration.


Michael’s, the legendary lunch spot on W. 55th St., is getting some competition.

White Olive, a high-end Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, opens this month directly across the street.


The Hamptons is finally getting the help it needs. Sex therapist Dr. Lee Phillips has opened a new office in Watermill.

Dr. Phillips, who counsels couples on how to have open marriages, successful threesomes and all varieties of kink including BDSM, says he is busier than expected.