Richard Sherman disappointed by officiating during Championship weekend

Championship weekend was a bit of a let-down. The NFC title game turned out to be a blowout thanks in part to the 49ers having to play their fifth-string QB and the AFC Championship was tainted by some missed calls.

Seahawks great Richard Sherman was one of many people who were disappointed in the officials in both games.

Worst of all, Ron Torbert’s crew missed an egregious hold on the deciding play of the game between the Bengals and the Chiefs.

For some inspiration, they could look to the NBA, where the official referees’ account account provided a good example of admitting when they made a mistake in the Lakers/Celtics game.

They don’t have to flagellate themselves to this extent, but just admitting when a mistake is made would help silence the lunatics that believe the NFL is rigged and Damar Hamlin died and has been replaced by a clone.


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Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire