Richland County property transfers: Oct. 25 - 29

These real estate transactions were recorded in Richland County between Oct. 25 and Oct. 29:

1968 Cliffwood Drive, Lexington; Joyce A. and Robert E. Hoffman to Deborah K. and Erik K. Merkel, trustees; $21,000

642 Lexington Springmill Road, Mansfield; Thomas F. Zeuch to Andrew J. and Katherine K. Middleton; $145,000

400 Cedarwood Drive, Lexington; David M. and Joyce K. Lewis to Molly E. Mateo; $125,000

983 Piper Road, Mansfield; The Ames Family Living Trust to Tyler Evan McClintock; $197,500

395 Elliott St., Shelby; Eric S. and Kimberly High to Christie and Scott Clabaugh; $189,400

473 Stark St., Mansfield; John A. Kelley, trustee of The Kelley Family Irrevocable Living Trust, to David Van Cura; $25,500

1114 Woodville Road (three parcels), Mansfield; Clifford E. and Rhonda F. Shindeldecker to Dewayne Benjamin and Cindy Lee Petri; $200,000

593 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; Calvin T. and Robin G. LaVigne to Autumn L. Scodova; $160,000

100 Norfolk Drive, Lexington; Tyler R. and Katie M. Getz, trustees, to Kelly McFarland and Seth Rector; $260,000

One parcel on Parkwood Drive (lot 4126), Shelby; K & B Landholdings LLC to Nicole R. Armintrout; $36,000

1618-1620 Grace St., Mansfield; Carrie D. Buzzard, fka Carrie D. Jamieson, to Rodney Phillips; $145,855

1618-1620 Grace St., Mansfield; Rodney Phillips to Kathy A. McElvain, trustee of The Donald P. McElvain Trust; $159,900

1904 Beal Road (three parcels), Mansfield; Margaret L. and Frederick E. Patterson III to Cassie Solinger; $195,000

1296 Springbrook Drive, Mansfield; Mary Boyd Foltz to Mark A. and Frances D. Bowes; $270,000

835 Yale Drive, Mansfield; Brian C. and Carl K. Bumpus to Tonya A. Bowersock; $141,000

310 Buckeye Ave. (two parcels), Mansfield; Debra Ann Mabry to Ashli R. White; $118,000

2343 Taylortown Road (two parcels), Shelby; William C. and Linda J. Houyouse to Brian and Susan M. Stover; $200,000

110 E. Straub Road, Mansfield; Patricia Sue Greenawalt, trustee, to Steven M. Owens; $16,000

One parcel on Rippling Brook Drive, Mansfield; South Side Development Company to Cheri L. Gaul; $28,000

2425 Taylortown Road, Shelby; Marcile B. and Ryan L. Zimmerman to Peter B. and Stephanie Champer; $950,000

1880 Mitchner Road, Shelby; Peter B. and Stephanie L. Champer to Landis and Kristina Martin; $378,550

3917 Bowman Street Road, Shelby; Champer Farms to Landis and Kristina Martin; $186,450

309 Vanderbilt Road (two parcels), Mansfield; Dean W. and Susan M. Smith, co-trustees of The Smith Family Trust, to Gyna Raspaldo; $300,000

825 Forest Drive, Mansfield; Jacqualine L. Atkinson to Michelle Lyn Talbott; $89,900

628 Morrison Ave., Mansfield; Apolonia Gauche to Anton Jeremy Schluter; $140,000

2714 Lucas Perrysville Road, Lucas; Tess K. and Shay M. Partin to Bryce T. Ernsberger; $53,000

940 Lincoln Terrace Drive, Mansfield; Kathleen M. and Donald E. Boyle to Jennifer L. Call; $78,000

23 Narrow St., Butler; Greenbrier Homes Ltd. to Lane Somerville and Cathy Hamilton; $136,000

833-851 N. Lexington Springmill Road, Ontario; JAMR II Properties LLC to Falls Creek; $3,050,000

3529 Oakstone Drive, Ontario; David G. and Heather L. Hendrix to Sarah and Timothy Reid; $432,500

1644 Rippling Brook Drive, Mansfield; Deanna Trouten to Patrick C. and Cheryl C. Mullen; $165,000

515 Rudy Road, Ontario; Mark A. and Tonia N. Studer to Benjamin B. Isaac and Kaitlin A. Waggoner; $479,000

156 E. Kochheiser Road, Bellville; Dalton J. and Evelyn B. Hollar to Citizens Bank NA; $117,300

Three parcels on Betty Drive, Bellville; Urban Meadows LLC to Shrock Premier Custom Construction LLC; $165,000

48 Carlton Ave., Shelby; Steve Hawk to Carl E. Schroeder; $9,500

148 Willowbrook Drive, Mansfield; Charles Court Endeavors to Cory Bara and Erica Johnson; $135,000

1725 Kenmore Drive, Mansfield; Eric S. Hatfield and Richard J. Fournier to Todd Walker; $237,900

1645 W. Hanley Road, Mansfield; Gerald W. and Dorothy M. Bise to Ashley and James Baker; $200,000

2819 O'Possum Run Road, Mansfield; Taylor A. and Autumn R. Johnson to Julie D. and William V. Harless; $145,000

674 Scholl Road (two parcels), Mansfield; The Clara E. Bosko Trust to Bryan Oden; $73,700

464 Timothy Lane, Mansfield; Randy C. and Kelley J. Renz to Cynthia A. Behrendsen; $80,000

386 Second Ave., Mansfield; Diane C. Brooks to IFM Properties; $20,000

2751 Tucker Road (two parcels), Lucas; Linda D. McFarland to Julia A. Lytle; $220,000

1641 Friday Lane, Ontario; Connie S. Geog to Sergio Peres Flores and Sonia Archuleta; $139,500

4670 Oak Drive (two parcels), Perrysville; Justin T. Golden to James E. and Christina Mae Hetrick; $225,000

3138 Marion Ave. Road, Mansfield; George Randall and Doris Freund to Brett A. and Kimberly Y. Gleespen; $550,000

486 Lukes Drive, Mansfield; Randy C. and Kelley J. Renz to Linda K. Elliott; $56,650

592 Fuhrer Ave., Mansfield; Mary Kay and Mark E. Zartman to Mark G. Thomas; $165,000

486 Lukes Drive, Mansfield; Jeffrey M. and Susan L. Glenn to Ryan Tinsley; $126,000

258 Richland Ave., Mansfield; The Estate of Anna Delaine Elizabeth Osborne to Thomas C. Harter Employee Profit Sharing Plan 401K Trust; $55,000

468 Holzworth Drive, Mansfield; Mansfield Homes III L.P. to Yvonnie L. and Stephen B. Taylor; $90,000

363 Plymouth St., Plymouth; The Estate of Betty E. Echelberry by Kevin Echelberry, executor, to Adam M. and Grace C. Workman; $53,460

4003 Ohio 309, Mansfield; Erica S. Shoemaker to Liam M. Googins; $130,000

477 Davidson St., Mansfield; Kathleen M. and Donald E. Boyle to Peniamina K. and Linda S. Fiatoa; $89,900

128 Gibson Ave. (two parcels), Mansfield; Mark Stewart, Kathy Wirick and Doug Stewart to Jacqualine L. Atkinson; $93,000

386, 405, 420 and 421 Jennings Ave., Mansfield; Wilging Properties LLC to Jennings Ave. Apartments LLC; $1,212,500

62 Shelby Ave., Shelby; Matt and Robin Smedley to Jordan T. May; $69,000

1799 Riva Ridge Drive, Mansfield; Denise P. Griffon to James R. and Melody L. Joice; $305,000

492 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Carl H. Ellington to Olivia K. Augustine; $94,900

2699 Lexington Steam Corners Road, Lexington; Dustin A. Parrella to Cheelie; $110,000

238 Bartley Ave., Mansfield; Robert G. and Jill J. Von Haase to Daniel R. Neef; $85,000

375-395 Jennings Ave., 398 Jennings Ave., 410 Jennings Ave., 524 Davidson St. and 710 S. Diamond St., Mansfield; Kreuz Properties to Jennings Ave. Apartments; $1,800,000

723 Villa Drive, Ontario; David W. Keller, trustee of The Judith A. Davis Irrevocable Trust, to Dondi M. Hoverland; $140,000

988 Benedict Ave., Mansfield; Adam E. and Julie Thornton to Elmer and Loretta Hall; $68,500

Two parcels on Millsboro West Road, Mansfield; Darrell Miller to Richard D. Sterling; $8,000

895 Ohio 314 (three parcels), Mansfield; Gwendolyn Androw, trustee, The Elrod Irrevocable Heritage Trust, to 180 Investments; $290,000

70 Hedges St., Mansfield; Truth Baptist Church Inc. to Sharrock Property Solutions; $2,500

70 Hedges St., Mansfield; Sharrock Property Solutions LLC to Masha Properties LLC; $6,000

392 Beryl Ave., Mansfield; James C. Copeland, trustee, to Pamela Ringler; $32,770

1310 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; James K. and Susan K. Terry to Gerald M. and Lorraine J. Cooper; $194,900

One parcel (unnumbered) on Seminole Ave., Mansfield; Jean F. Knapp (Kevin Knapp, POA) to Wesley E. Walters and Chantel K. Leggitt; $2,000

3760 Millsboro Road West, Mansfield; Z & W Legacy to Robert and Rebecca McGee; $90,000

One parcel on Kings Corner Road E. (5.0013 acres), Lexington; Steven N. Maxwell, successor trustee of The Duane S. Maxwell Family Trust, to George W. Prior and Joseph E. Addison; $55,000

488 Craigston Drive, Mansfield; Richard Todd Ivy, co-trustee of The Mary A. Ivy Living Trust, to Valeda F. and Bobby W. Ford; $169,900

26 N. Walker Ave., Mansfield; Samantha Kline to M D Alexander Homes; $32,000

1561 Lucas N. Road, Lucas; Herman Goettl to Adam Weitzel; $35,000

563 Garfield Place, Mansfield; Janet L. Daugherty to Brandon Hopkins; $32,500

One parcel on Erie Street, Mansfield; Connie Washburn to Kevin G. Holmes; $450

1041 Erie St., Mansfield; Connie S. Washburn, aka Connie S. Crawford, to Darrell E. Owens Sr.; $58,000

5780 Ohio 13 N., Greenwich; Greenwich DOHP to Day Three Properties; $1,521,403

1719 Rocky Rill Court, Lexington; Long T. Huynh to Jonathan Casto and Cortney N. Gardner; $263,000

One parcel on Bally Row, Mansfield; Charturbhai B. and Manjula C. Patel, co-trustees of The Majula C. Patel Trust, to Adrah Ltd.; $84,000

517-519 Bailey Drive, Mansfield; David W. Butera to Gary M. and Electa L. Foster; $205,000

This article originally appeared on Mansfield News Journal: Richland County property transfers Oct. 25-29