Richland County property transfers: Shiloh farm sells for $1.3M

These real estate transactions were recorded in Richland County between Dec. 16 and Dec. 22:

649 Springmill St., Mansfield; Roger D. Erwin to Crystal N. and Eric J. Wright; $39,000

4685 Flower Road (four parcels), Mansfield; Adam M. and Julia D. Robbins to Joshua P. and Codey C. Burghard; $275,000

680 Harlan Road (two parcels), Lucas; Edna N. Harry to Culler Acres; $830,000

211 Mulberry St., Mansfield; Steven C. Howell and Linda M. Martz to Christian Shetler; $20,000

1039 Hahn Road (two parcels), Mansfield; Joseph W. Shears to Amber Nelson; $13,000

One parcel on Mack Avenue, Shelby; Laura R. Burk, et al. to Bonecutter Properties; $7,500

2340 Lexington Springmill Road, Lexington; Matthew D. Garber to Jeremiah and Andrea Huff; $165,750

One parcel (25.167 acres) on Cockley Road, Lexington; John L. Garber Material Corp. to Jeremiah and Andrea Huff; $159,250

595 Scholl Road, Mansfield; James A. and Melisa S. Elkins to Scott M. Hamilton; $154,000

1806 Bowen Road, Mansfield; Ryan H. and Kaitlyn E. Reiheld to Dustin J. Rinehart; $163,800

1971 Ohio 603 (three parcels), Shiloh; Marcus N. and Rebekah E. Burkholder to Marcus N. Burkholder, et al.; $1,300,000

96 College St., Butler; Estate of Joyce M. Gleason to Tyler A. and Samantha N. Aungst; $135,000

1024 Barrington Place, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders to Richard A. and Debra K. Miu, co-trustees; $278,900

621 Highland Ave., Mansfield; Mid-Ohio Legacy Rentals to Travis Groscost; $115,000

27 Williams Court, Shelby; Jason M. Roth to Austin W. Ashley; $129,900

324 Fenway Blvd., Lexington; Angela D. Hilderbrand to Jeffrey R. and Sherisa N. Butcher; $200,000

66 Renfrew Drive, Shelby; Hayden Vent and Natalie Hornbeck to Lisa D. Brown and Charlene Zaebst; $235,000

1505 Brookpark Drive, Mansfield; Chauncey L. and Mallory R. Holt to Charles and Jamie Ganes; $269,999

320 Ohio 314 S., Mansfield; Miller Real Estate II to Allison L. Hatfield; $229,900

124 Arthur St., Mansfield; Denisesha Draper to Shawn Grooms; $9,000

Six parcels on Willow Drive, Mansfield; William Hamman to Carlos Clover III and DaWanna Johnson; $1,000

1116 Fir Drive (two parcels), Mansfield; Brenda A. Williams, Donna T. Thompson, Annette M. Ward, et al. to Dusty M. Ramirez; $75,000

958 Beal Road, Mansfield; Curtis Donley to Mid Ohio Investments LLC; $50,000

592 Cliffside Drive, Mansfield; John H. Mack Jr. to CrossCountry Mortgage; $80,100

367 Vernon Road, Mansfield; Rhonda L. Cole to The Park National Bank; $34,000

496 Woodward Ave., Mansfield; Larry K. and Joan J. Kaufman to Kayela Cooper; $36,100

401 Howard St., Mansfield; Lisa M. Baker to Moore Homes; $65,000

581 S. Main St., Mansfield; Phillips Real Estate Holdings to Eric and Ashley Phillips; $60,000

2962 Hastings Road E., Lucas; Mary L. Stotts to Timothy P. and Miranda N. Burrell; $190,000

1370 Orchard Park Road, Lexington; Mark A. and Jennifer Sand to Barbara and Steven Mayo II; $159,900

1849 Myers Drive, Shelby; Todd A. Lester to James M. and James R. Wilson; $295,000

4083 Covert Road, Lucas; Julia A. Strimple to Futures P&E; $150,000

1545 Victory St., Mansfield; Joel T. Harris to Nancy and Timothy Prosser; $158,000

1295 S. Trimble Road, Mansfield; Tod C. Tuttle to Blue Door Real Estate; $541,900

887 Arlington Ave., Mansfield; Richard F. Miles to Logan Granson; $119,000

90 Yoha Drive, Mansfield; Scott and Jessica Rosendaul to Mark S. Goodrow; $215,000

One parcel (47.416 acres) on Crall Road, Mansfield; Hunsinger Park Inc. to Ashland Railway; $631,125

815 Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; Jackie E. and Alison Lawhorn to Dana and Cheryl Hefner; $179,000

411 Chevy Chase, Mansfield; Siraj Siddiqui to Sandra Hammer and Beverly Keller; $85,000

176 Elm St. (two parcels), Butler; Rhonda Swank to Mary Waugh; $137,900

676 Villa Drive, Mansfield; Deborah L. Willcox to Rhonda Swank; $140,000

One parcel (19.076 acres) on Ohio 546, Lexington; Corey R. Shearer to Brent E. and Karen A. Humberson; $66,666

One parcel (19.076 acres) on Ohio 546, Lexington; Jeffrey A. Maier to Brent E. and Karen A. Humberson; $66,666

One parcel (19.076 acres) on Ohio 546, Lexington; Christine A. McMahill to Brent E. and Karen A. Humberson; $66,666

196 Bell St., Bellville; Andrew M. Granatir to Aaron W. and Aimee D. Ford; $137,500

24 Short St., Lexington; Susan M. Abraham to Taicoon Postal Group; $212,000

456 Lida St., Mansfield; Nina Williams to Billy R. Lloyd and Brenda L. Champagne; $37,500

27 Grasmere Ave., Mansfield; AJI Properties Mansfield to Brian Humphrey; $49,000

75 Elmridge Road, Mansfield; Susan A. and Thomas E. Tatara to Joshua and Hali Whatman; $270,000

1310 Whippoorwill Lane, Mansfield; Gerald M. and Lorraine J. Cooper to Jonelle J. White; $198,000

1651 Wilmington Point, Mansfield; Richard L. Ruth to Thomas E. and Susan A. Tatara; $252,400

590 Parry Ave., Mansfield; Brian H. and Kimberly M. McPeek to Englefield Family; $140,000

606 Weller Ave., Mansfield; Estate of Bernice C. Baker to Amy J. and Matthew L. Bombarger; $203,000

129 S. Diamond St., Mansfield; Sheila Goff, trustee of the John J. Schengill Living Trust, to Thomas L. Fackler; $7,180

1034 Ohio 314 N., Mansfield; Big Red Properties to Mayes International; $255,000

One parcel (7.909 acres) on Wagner Road, Bellville; Wade Hilltop Properties to Thomas A. and Robyn D. Wade; $94,908

45 Walnut St., 72 Second St., & 118 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; Margaret Howard to James E. Howard; $50,000

This article originally appeared on Mansfield News Journal: Richland County property transfers Dec, 16-22