RCBOE discusses master plan for county schools

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Schools in Richmond County may look a little different in the next five years, as the district hopes to maximize funding from the state.

The formula for that funding includes student population.

“I think that it’s hard to hear some of these things that are going to come out and we completely understand that it’s never an easy conversation to have but once they understand how funding and schools work and they see that what their students could get from a program stand point not just a building stand point but we hope to build and understanding about why we have to move this direction,” said Tracy Richter,  VP of HPM planning

Consultants are recommending several options to make sure each school has the most students, and the most funding possible.

Some of these options would have a huge impact on school tradition and history in Richmond County.  A. Brian Merry  Elementary, Tutt Middle, Glenn Hills High School, and Josey High School. Just a few of the institutions in this community that could be considered for consolidation, closure, or changes that would alter those campuses forever.

“First and foremost I want to make sure everybody knows this isn’t next year, this is a four five-year plan down the road it’s looking at weak enrollment is in those areas obviously we’re going to have to look at less buildings in those areas but not just those areas we’re also looking at buildings in every part of the county.”

Consultants and the school board will have several public meetings next month to explain the recommendations.

“The community meetings we’re going to have dialogs with the communities in March to come out and talk about next years changes boundary changes for like bellair richmond hils merry elementary so we want to have those community conversations and that’s important to us so they can hear the logic about what we’ve done and what’s going to happen to their students in the future.”

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