Riders all 'pumped' up over new pump track

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Jul. 4—NORWALK — It was worth the wait.

The new pump track opened over the weekend at McGuan Park and it received rave reviews.

Dominic Mudry, 17, drove an hour from North Royalton to try out the new track.

"I used to race BMX and I just heard about them building this," Mudry said. "I wanted to try this out. I have ridden all of the other tracks ... I like this a lot. Asphalt is the way to to for pump tracks this year."

Was it worth the trip?

"I yea, for sure," Mudry said.

Mudry explained it's called a pump track because you have to pump your arms to fly over the bumps. The harder you pump the higher you go, he said.

The track was full with riders Saturday morning and all of them seemed to be having fun.

"This is a great thing for Norwalk," one woman said. "This is something we can enjoy as a family."

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