Rideshare Drivers Dramatize Violent Carjackings To Highlight Crisis

The call to better protect rideshare drivers in the wake of a carjacking crisis in Chicago took an unconventional twist Thursday. CBS 2's Jermont Terry reports.

Video Transcript

JERMONT TERRY: I'm Jermont Terry, live in downtown where tonight the call to better protect rideshare drivers took an unconventional twist, all to get the message across to improve safety.

- This could be you.

JERMONT TERRY: Rideshare drivers at O'Hare met with chants and simulation of a deadly carjacking. This man on the ground, sprawled on the red towel, represents the outcome they are tired of seeing. The Independent Drivers Guild taking the drastic measures to highlight the ongoing dangers rideshare drivers face in Chicago.

- Your next project could be your last passenger. Joe was driving just like you.

JERMONT TERRY: Joe Schelstraete is the latest Uber driver killed on the job. The father of three was gunned down in Cicero, after responding to what he thought was a pickup. Instead, police say one of four robbers shot them in the head. Two are still on the run.

KEVIN NELSON: We believe that Uber and Lyft could have actually stopped these incidents.

JERMONT TERRY: While the move is to raise awareness for drivers, this group is demanding the companies provide better security measures.

KEVIN NELSON: A number of these murders have actually been unsolved and unfortunately, Uber and Lyft have no information on who the suspects could be.

JERMONT TERRY: This week, Uber teamed up with Cook County Crime Stoppers. It donated $25,000 to fund a reward for tips involving its drivers. The company has also implemented new safety measures, including the new emergency button where drivers can text 911 and send real-time location to dispatchers.

The company can now check on drivers that they leave the scheduled route. Finally, drivers can share their location and trips with family while working. Yet drivers want more, including Real ID checks for passengers.

KEVIN NELSON: So that if anything happens, at least that ride can be traced to that individual person.

JERMONT TERRY: A vigil honoring the Uber driver killed in Cicero will take place on Friday around noon. At the same time, Cook County Stoppers will detail the exact amount of the reward in that case. Reporting live in downtown tonight, Jermont Terry, CBS2 News.