The Rideshare Foodie Eats Across America

It’s the ultimate road trip for one Uber driver who is combining ridesharing with food-blogging and hitting all 50 states on his adventure.

Video Transcript

- Folks, let's now talk about the ultimate road trip for one Uber driver. He's driving through all 50 states, combining ridesharing with food blogging.

- Yeah, and as CBS 13's Steve Large shows us, his own riders have provided plenty of restaurant recommendations.

STEVE LARGE: He is an Uber driver--

KRESKIN TORRES: So what's your favorite thing to eat? This is just how--

STEVE LARGE: With an appetite for adventure.

KRESKIN TORRES: That's usually how it goes.

STEVE LARGE: Kreskin Torres calls himself the Rideshare Foodie.

KRESKIN TORRES: All right, so this is the Rideshare Foodie.

STEVE LARGE: His Instagram page shows that stops he's made across the country, hitting all 50 states. His favorite food so far? A crazy combination.

KRESKIN TORRES: Chili and cinnamon rolls. Chili, and you have your cinnamon roll on the side. I fell in love with that in Wichita, Kansas. What's going on, man? How are you feeling?

OUALID SOUMBATI: What's up, man?

STEVE LARGE: On a recent ride to Stockton, he found International Flavors' food truck.

KRESKIN TORRES: This right here is your top seller. OK, we're going to do this thing, man.

STEVE LARGE: Owner Oualid Soumbati is grateful for the attention.

OUALID SOUMBATI: You know, by him doing this, it puts a lot of these small businesses on the map.

KRESKIN TORRES: The reason why I started was to get out to see what the real America was like.

STEVE LARGE: Kreskin's cross-country adventure has revealed a nation he says needs to see more of itself. Communities of different cultures all have more in common than they often admit.

KRESKIN TORRES: There's some people that just haven't been from one side of the city to the other, and that's 15, 20 minutes. It's very interesting. This is really good, man. It's the remix.

STEVE LARGE: A rideshare driver delivering delicious images to his food blogging followers--

KRESKIN TORRES: Food is a common ground.

STEVE LARGE: And offering food for thought--

OUALID SOUMBATI: I'm from Stockton.

STEVE LARGE: On his All-American road trip.

KRESKIN TORRES: America is amazing. God bless America. [LAUGHS]

- Well, Torres has made it to 45 of 50 states so far. He still has Alaska, Montana, the Dakotas, and Hawaii left.