Rifle-toting demonstrator shows up outside courthouse where jurors are deliberating Kyle Rittenhouse's fate, as hundreds of National Guard troops stand by for a verdict

  • A rifle-toting demonstrator showed up outside the Kenosha County Courthouse on Wednesday.

  • Inside the courthouse, jurors are currently deliberating in Kyle Rittenhouse's homicide trial.

  • Meanwhile, law enforcement has been bracing for a verdict.

A rifle-toting demonstrator showed up outside the Kenosha County courthouse on Wednesday where jurors are deliberating in Kyle Rittenhouse's homicide trial as law enforcement organizations brace for a verdict.

The demonstrator was alone and carrying a megaphone, though it's unclear what he was saying, Kenosha County Sheriff's Department spokesman Sergeant David Wright told Insider.

In a video tweeted by Fox News, Kenosha County Sheriff's Department officers could be seen asking the man for identification and a permit to carry the weapon.

The man told officers that he did not have a valid permit, and the officers said he needed to have one in order to carry the gun within 1,000 feet of a school.

He was then asked by officers to voluntarily put his gun away — which he did, Wright told Insider.

No other action was taken at the time, Wright said.

Meanwhile, around 500 National Guard troops were activated by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Friday ahead of a verdict in Rittenhouse's case.

"We continue to be in close contact with our partners at the local level to ensure the state provides support and resources to help keep the Kenosha community and greater area safe," Evers said in a statement.

Jury deliberations in Rittenhouse's homicide trial began on Tuesday.

Protesters outside the courthouse have been demonstrating both for and against Rittenhouse, including Mark and Patricia McCloskey — the St. Louis couple who pointed their guns at Black Lives Matter marchers in June 2020.

Businesses have not been boarded up and there's no fencing around the courthouse, local news station ABC7 reported on Monday.

Rittenhouse, 18, is charged with fatally shooting Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber — and injuring Gaige Grosskreutz — during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in August 2020.

He pleaded not guilty to all the charges he faced and has said he acted in self-defense.

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