International court says it's 'undeterred' by US threats

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    common cents
    How about the US pull out of the UN altogether
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    Why do we fund these people?
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    Thomas Wood
    Afghanistan is one of the countries that gave sanctuary to Osama bin laden . I would believe those officials should be prosecuted first after all if bin laden had not ordered the attack on America the U.S, would not have been there in the first place .
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    This is why we are not a party to the ICC....
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    Afghan rights workers?? What's the punchline? It's a joke right?
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    Mahalo, Ann
    We are a nation of laws. If there is proof members of the US committed war crimes, they should be held accountable, however if they were under under orders, the command and not the subordinates should be held accountable. Period. It doesn't matter if others do it. That doesn't make it right. Why erode the international standards of agreed upon behavior? What goes around comes around, don't forget.
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    It is ridiculous to make rules and laws governing war. You can't fight a war under rules. If you were ready to obey rules, you wouldn't be at war in the first place.
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    War in and of itself is a crime. However, war solves problems when diplomacy does not.
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    lol,, thats funny
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    whether it is the Taliban or the Haqqani network ......
    How is that working out. Does the ICC have people arresting Taliban?