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Rihanna Crashes a Fan's Birthday Dinner!

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Rihanna surprised one lucky table of friends when she crashed their birthday celebration. As one of the friends explained on TikTok, she had spotted Rihanna sitting near their table and asked if the pop star could take a photo with the birthday girl. Rihanna decided to surprise the group of friends instead, and their reactions are priceless! In the TikTok video, the friend said Rihanna was ‘so friendly,’ and even took some pictures with their party.

Video Transcript

- Oh, yeah. Oh my god.

- Rihanna became the ultimate birthday gift for one lucky fan.

RIHANNA: I hope that we can really pull this off.

- The pop star was out to dinner recently, and nearby was a group of friends out celebrating a birthday.

- Thank you. You're not gonna sing or nothing?

- (SINGING) Happy birthday to ya.

- And then just as the dessert arrives and her friends began singing "Happy Birthday", there was RiRi.

- (SINGING) Happy birthday, happy birthday to ya.

RIHANNA: It it her birthday?

- It's her birthday.

RIHANNA: Happy birthday.

- Thank you.

- And [INAUDIBLE] best friend.

- On TikTok, the friend behind it all broke down how this magical moment came to be.

- So we're at dinner, and we see her. She's sitting across from us.

- She reveals it all started with a much more modest favor from the megastar. But Rihanna said she could do her one better.

- So then I walked up to her table. And I was like, oh, it's my best friend's birthday. It would mean the world if you could go over there and say happy birthday to her or take a picture with her. So she was like, go back to the table and say I said no. But when the cake comes out, I'm going to walk up to the table and surprise her.

- In the video, Rihanna even takes a moment to joke about the initial request.

- Happy birthday.

RIHANNA: You told her I said no to a picture, right?

- Yes, they did.

- I told her you said no.

RIHANNA: Then lets take a picture now.

- So that's literally exactly what she did. She was so freaking nice about it. As soon as the cake was coming to the table, she followed our waitress.

And she came and took the pictures with us. She was so friendly. She was like, you guys are so beautiful.

- But this might be the best revelation from the whole night.

- And she smells so freaking good. And that's how we met Rihanna. Now the video's all over.

- Rihanna actually has her own signature line of fragrances. And we have a pretty solid guess which perfume she had on that night.

RIHANNA: Girls Night Out RiRi, hands down. This is all about girls, and feeling that femininity and confidence when you go out. You feel flirty, you feel fun, and you feel sassy.

I mean, all those things are the ingredients that make me. And this is why I called it RiRi. It's a very girly, flirty fragrance.

- And Rihanna's creative good deed might be an extension of her quarantine mindset.

RIHANNA: I just want to figure out a solution. I don't want to stay stuck on the problem.

- She told ET in September how the pandemic has given her a new perspective on staying happy.

RACHEL SMITH: How do you continue to keep yourself inspired and motivated during times like these?

RIHANNA: I just try to think about what I really love to do, like what truly makes me happy. And it's really the littlest things. So the what do you do about it aspect has come into full play during this quarantine. And it's helped a lot. And it's forced me to figure things out, and get creative and clever about it.

- Whether it's loving to perform, design lingerie, make perfume, start a cosmetics line, give back to the world, or simply surprise a lucky fan on her birthday, Rihanna takes the cake.