Riley withdraws from mayor's race

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Dec. 29—"It was much thought and prayer that brought me to the mayor's race and it's more thought and prayer that's taking me away from it."

Those were the words in a Facebook post by former mayoral candidate Jack Riley, posted on Christmas Eve.

"This is a personal decision for personal reasons for me and my family," the post continued. "God and family is most important."

Riley stated in that post that he was not seeking another political office, nor had he been "paid off" to withdraw from the race. He added that he appreciated the support he has received thus far, but that he chose to withdraw from the mayor's race for his own reasons.

Riley then filed the paperwork in the Laurel County Clerk's office on Monday to officially withdraw from that race. The standardized form signed by Riley states: I hereby state that I will not accept the nomination or election and request to withdraw my name as a candidate for the office listed above.

Riley said he did not wish to elaborate on his withdrawal from the political race.

"I have to do what I think is best for me and right now the best thing is not to run for mayor," he said.

Riley has sought the mayor's office once before during the 2014 campaign but lost by a slight margin against current mayor, Troy Rudder.

Those still remaining in the mayoral race are:

—Judd Weaver, co-owner of Weaver's Hot Dogs (Weaver's on Fourth), and current city council member

—Deborah Gilbert, formerly director of London Community Center and currently involved with developing IGOT Communities. Gilbert is also a licensed counselor.

—Randall Weddle, owner of several businesses, including W.B. Transport, as well as some international companies.

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