Ring Camera Helps Scare Off Potential Woodland Intruder

A Ring doorbell camera came to the rescue as a suspicious man was caught on camera Friday morning repeatedly trying to get into a Woodland neighbor’s home.

Video Transcript


KURTINS MING: Ring video to the rescue. A suspicious man caught on camera repeatedly trying to get into a Woodland neighbor's home. And police say the victim used the Ring camera to scare off a potential intruder.

ELIZABETH KLINGE: CBS 13's, Anna Giles, is live in Woodland with the noise that made the suspect take off. Anna.

ANNA GILES: Yeah, this was a very scary situation for neighbors. This happened in broad daylight while the victim was home. The Ring video reveals a suspect making aggressive attempts to get into this home off of Wildwood Way.

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ANNA GILES: Woodland police say the victim was inside the house as all of this was happening. The suspect first tried a side door, which was locked. The video shows him coming around to the front and that's when the neighbor inside takes action, using the Ring camera to scare the man.


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ANNA GILES: That screeching noise you heard is what the Ring camera calls a deter tone. It clearly worked in this case. The suspect looks spooked and he walks away quickly. Woodland police did respond to the scene, but the suspect had fled by then. They said in a Facebook post today that this is a good reminder to lock your doors.