'Ring Of Fire' Eclipse Visible From Chicago

A partial "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse was visible from Chicago early Thursday morning.

Video Transcript

- Right now it's 5:17. Let's take a live look outside as we're waiting to see the Ring of Fire solar eclipse. Looks like we have it from our perspective. The moon only covering part of the sun. So it looks more like someone taking a bite out of a cookie. And we've timed it up pretty well. We get a good glimpse of this phenomenon.

- I was a little nervous at first. But then just like that, I mean, within the last minute, we had sunrise at 5:16 and right on cue, you can see. I call this kind of like a little Pacman, right?

- Yes. Gobble, gobble. Just don't eat up the birds there. Our guy on the scene, Lou Kleinberg, fantastic shot there.

- Yeah, so here's the deal. All right, so this is only going to last for the next 20 minutes. And here's the other kicker, if you're watching right now and you're like, oh, I want to see this, don't go directly look at the sun. You need those special type of glasses in order to see this. But I mean, this is really kind of a neat scenario right now for the next 20 minutes. Here it is, you guys.

- Almost like 3D glasses or something like that?

- Almost like those solar eclipse glasses.

- So you can really get a glimpse of it.

- So you can get a really good view at this. But this is a darn good view though.

- It's amazing. The Ring of Fire.

- Yeah, there it is.