Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse Seen Across The World

Eager skywatchers across the globe were gifted a spectacular annular solar eclipse Thursday morning.

Video Transcript

DEMARCO MORGAN: Take a look at this. A ring of fire solar eclipse is lighting up the sky today. It's seen in some countries in the Northern Hemisphere and is the first of two solar eclipses this year. A solar eclipse happens when the moon crosses between the sun and the Earth, blocking a portion of the sun's rays.

Now, this is one-- this is an annular eclipse right here, meaning the moon is far enough away from the Earth that it appears smaller than the sun. This is pretty cool for all of you science geeks out there as well.

AMBER LEE: Ah. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see it here in Southern California. It was mainly for the Southeast, the Northeast, the Midwest. That's OK. We had that lunar eclipse last month.

DEMARCO MORGAN: Left out, right?

AMBER LEE: Yeah, we're left out.